Create Better | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 27


I wrote this post after spending the day yesterday updating my website.

I didn’t consciously give a lot of thought to how what I was doing was going to ‘create better’ for the world around me, and those in it, yet, intuitively, at the foundation of everything I did to update my website was the desire to create opportunities for all of us to live with grace and find our inherent magnificence. And thus, to create better for all.

It is fundamental to the work I want to do in the world.

To create better. To touch hearts and open minds and set spirits free to dance fearlessly in a world of love, joy and harmony.

For me, ‘to dance’ doesn’t meant how I move my feet or stay in time to the music. It means letting my spirit soar, setting my heart free, giving my soul free rein.

It means fearlessly listening to the voice deep within me calling me to untether myself from social constraints and be. Me.

Be Me so you can Be You and together we can BE all the world needs to let go of fear and trauma, anger and abuse, violence and war.

It is not an easy task but I believe we are capable of doing it.

We are discovering cures for intractable diseases. We are discovering ways to explore Mars, the deep, deep sea. We are tunnelling to the centre of the earth, building skyscrapers that defy gravity, surely we can create better for all mankind too.

For this week, ask yourself, “What am I doing to create better in this world?” And do it.


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