Roscas de Reyes

It is the Festival Roscas De Reyes and Roscio has been wrapping and handing out gifts to the various service providers who have come to the door all morning. Ursula tells us this when we arrive at Villa Sabah after a leisurely morning at Villas Fa-Sol.

img_0785This is a predominantly Catholic region where the day of the 3 Kings is the highlight of the new liturgical year. Everywhere we have gone, I have seen beautiful Crèche. Hand-painted, gilded, carved wooden creations. They sit in malls and the corners of shops and along streets. Next to Ola, Gracias Mon Deus is the phrase I’ve heard most frequently.

Coconut water au naturel

Coconut water au naturel

C.C and I had planned an adventure on Mopeds but his stomach had other ideas, most of which included not venturing too far from a washroom. So, we lazed about for the morning and then joined Ursula and Andrew, and our hosts Guillermo and Roscio by the pool for the afternoon at Sabah.

It was a fitting end to our last full day in Huatulco. Especially when it included Margueritas on the deck at Fa-Sol at 5:30, followed by an incredible dinner prepared by Sandra.


Roscas de Reyes

Under the star studded sky, at a flower laden table and to the sound of the surf crashing on the rocks below, we dined on the most amazing Avacado Soup, followed by a fresh salad of lettuce and tomatoes and avocado dressing and then, the piece de resistance, El Pescado en Papilotte. Scrumdilicious! The first round of dessert was strawberries in cream or a Flan that was truly to die for.

And then, it was time for the Roscas de Reyes, a giant wreath like cake that everyone had to cut into in the hopes of finding ‘the Bebe’.

In my family, the cake for the 3 Kings always had coins — finding the coin also meant being the King for the Day.

In the tradition here, the one’s who find one of the several ‘bebes’ tucked into the cake must bring Tomales to everyone on February 2nd, the day of the Blessing of the Animals.

img_0974Amidst laughter and suspense-filled ooohs and aaahs, we cut into the cake. I didn’t cut out a Bebe of my own but Gerardo offered me his and then one of the young girls gave me hers and then Roscio offered up her “Joseph”. And now, I have a little family of beautifully carved pottery. Mary, Joseph and Le Bebe.

What a wonderful gift and what a beautiful way to spend our last evening in magical Huatulco.

This morning, Roscio is taking Ursula and I to the market in the Centre of the city. “We will have breakfast of coffee and Tomales,” she tells me, “And you will see more of the real Mexico.”

img_0911There is much beauty here in this real Mexico at the edge of the Pacific. The rocks push up out of the clear blue waters of the sea that laps and leaps at each crenellated finger of land. Palm trees march up the sides of the mountains and spikes cacti cling to the sandy soil as if defying the winds to blow them away. Flowers compete in brilliant colour, vying for the title of ‘most exotic’, ‘most brilliant hue’, most fragrant.

And amidst all the beauty and colour, there are the people who make this land so special. Their smiles. Their lyrical language. Their gracious manners. Their warm hearts. (And did I mention their fast driving?)

There is much beauty in this land at the edge of the sea and the most beautiful of all are the people.




6 thoughts on “Roscas de Reyes

  1. A pleasure meeting you as well as C.C this morning Louise. Thank you for your company and for sharing your insights during our conversation. Randy and I wish you safe journeys and hopefully we will cross paths in the future.
    Best regards,
    Randy and Chas

    dare boldly and ……..Go Harvard

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Querida Luisa- “Intrepida y Audaz”
    Ahora que ya no estas entre nosotros, queremos agradecerles su visita a ti y a Carlitos. Si piensas regresar a Mexico y Huatulco, tendras que seguir practicando el español en canada y cuando nos escribas..
    This said..
    Don’t forget your Spanish learned.. Your comments will be missed, now that I got the hang of how to answer and give our thanks for all your KIND words written now and in previous messages. Hope your friends read them and they become part of our group in Villas Fasol Huatulco.. “HOME AWAY FROM HOME” & “Last paradise in Mexico”..
    Your participation and good taste with the Zaleski’s will be well remembered by all our staff, included Rocio and I… Maybe we will see you in latter part of October 2017 at their lodge in Barrysbay.

    we will keep you in our hearts and will always remember your happiness…
    best Regards
    Rocio and (William) Guillermo Berriochoa


    • I think the Spanish I learned has taken up residence in my heart Guillermo, along with all the wonderful memories of our time with you and Rocio and everyone else! It was such a wonderful time, and you and your team at Villas Fa-Sol are so incredibly welcoming, you made it easy to relax into the environment and be at peace.

      I too hope we see you this fall!

      Much love to everyone,



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