Take Action | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 41


Meeting yourself on the path to reaching your goals, taking up the call to TAKE ACTION to create the change you want to see in your life, is how goals are achieved. Step by step.

This year, I have a goal of getting fit enough so that I can run the half marathon in the summer of 2018 before my 65th birthday in December. I love running. Ran half marathons a lot and also ran the marathon. And then, life took a different direction and I forgot about the importance of being in shape and having a running goal.

I am starting out small. Getting physio therapy on a persistent issue with my left knee, losing weight by eating healthily, walking every day (albeit baby steps until my knee is in shape), doing strengthening and stretching exercises everyday and breathing deeply into my resolve to stay the course.

Each small step will bring me closer to my goal. Each advancement will keep me moving on the road towards my destination. Each hurdle surmounted will bring me closer to a place where I am ready to begin jogging again.

It’s about pace. About not biting off the whole goal in one big indigestible swallow, getting discouraged, spitting it out and quitting.

Small steps bring you to the Big Guys without dragging you back to the beginning again and again and again.

With small steps, each step matters. Each step makes a difference that builds upon the last until you find yourself so far down the road, there’s no going back, the finish line is in sight.

To reach a Big Guy goal, divide your path into small, measurable steps and take each one, day by day by day. Start out small and build upon your momentum. Feel each win, celebrate it and build it up with more and more and more.

See you at the finish line!

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