Lighten your load. | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 43


Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold.
Happiness dwells in the soul.

Ask my daughters and they will confirm, I can be a bit of a pack rat.  Not of the ‘hoarder’ variety, more of the, ‘let’s clutter up this space because who likes empty space?’ kind.

Regularly clearing out is not a habit I’ve developed well. I am learning. Practicing. Creating new neural pathways that favour decluttering instead of cluttering up.

It can be a challenge.

Ok. Let’s reframe that. I like to make excuses for keeping things.

You know, the kind of excuse that says, Oh, this pretty gold ribbon might come in handy to wrap around a gift, or a special card.  I’d better tuck it into this drawer right here, just in case.

Or, Hmm. This paper is lovely. Really like the image on this card. I’ll save it because it may come in handy for a collage. Someday.

Fact is, that someday doesn’t come very often.

I move off of the moment of tucking it away into more things, more doings, and forget all about that ‘special’ thing I saved for moments later on when the muse calls and says, ‘You need something just like that thing you saved long ago.’

Ok. Confession. the muse calls me a lot, and she seldom calls about things I’ve tucked away for a rainy day project.

In fact, it’s not usually that I forget about the things I’ve saved. Mostly, it’s because I forget where I saved them at those times when I do remember to go looking for them. I am notorious for saving things in ‘safe’ places even I can’t find! That makes me really clever at finding safe hiding places, right?

The soul is happiest when the mind is clear.

And my mind is clearest when my environment is not cluttered up with stuff I’ve saved, just in case, or have been too laissez faire at life to bother to go through or throw out.

As I begin again to work on writing the book I’ve been working on writing for quite some time and have been stalling on getting done, I realize my office clutter has clogged up my creative process.

Time to lighten up my space by clearing out what I don’t need, don’t want and don’t know what to do with to make room for more creative thinking, and a happier soul.

What about you? Do you have spaces that need lightening up?

Go for it.

Create space for new thinking, new doing and new ways of being light of heart, mind and soul. Invite grace into your soul by creating space in your world.


12 thoughts on “Lighten your load. | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 43

  1. “I like to make excuses for keeping things” that is me to a tee, I don’t like others to go through my stuff and decide if I need it or not my daughters are good at that telling me what I need and don’t need. I am pretty good at going through my stuff every few months and cleaning out stuff I thought I would use or thought I wanted and decided that I will not use at all.

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  2. I’ve been clearing out stuff like crazy! I even called got junk at one point. I’m almost done. well not really, I am looking for new living room furniture so I will be calling got junk again and I need to clean out my linen closet. After that I’m done and it feels GREAT! My home is my refuge and stuff everywhere is Chaos. How can I relax in Chaos? I have to say though, your house does not look cluttered, in fact, it feels quite light and beautiful Louise, so you must be very good at hiding stuff! ❤
    Diana xo

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  3. Oh that is SO me! I got it from my depression-era parents, especially my mom, who somehow came through with a lifelong fear of running out along with a strong sense about not wasting… I’m better than I used to be but I’m still more likely to clutter than not…

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  4. Three boxes of my former life have cluttered the left corner of my office for ten years. A few days ago, the shredder came out and set me free—zipping through faded receipts and memories, turning tear-soaked divorce papers into colorful confetti.

    It took ten years but I’m a believer in “everything unfolding exactly as it should” and finally—it was time to let the past go. I am light as a feather today…because it was hard and because I did it anyway.


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