Leaning into fear. #ShePersisted


Hmmmm..... this works... Kinda.... Maybe not

Hmmmm….. this works…
Maybe not

Last night, I completed the 20th piece in my #ShePersisted series.

When I started this project, I imagined completing 12 images and that would be that.

The ideas, the compelling need to keep digging into the notion of ‘persisting’ continues to drive me.

As I worked last night, I got to a stage where I thought I was done.

It looked okay. I hesitated to add to it because I was afraid that if I painted into the face, I risked ruining it.

I persisted.

I decided to give into the possibilities that come with leaning into the edge of creativity, fearlessly.

Final painting Louise Gallagher Mixed media on canvas paper 11" x 14"

Final painting
Louise Gallagher
Mixed media on canvas paper
11″ x 14″

More great lessons from in front of the easel.

There are no mistakes in art-making.

Fear is just a tool I use to keep me from stretching myself.

Settling for ‘what is’, holds me back from exploring ‘what if’. And, it’s in the what if’s that I discover what I’m really capable of creating!

It has taken just over 3 weeks to create this series as it currently exists. I have no idea if I’ll create more. I do know that to not heed the call of the muse to explore this idea will limit my expression of my own persistence.

So, I persist.

Thank you Elisabeth Warren for the inspiration.


To view the entire series, please click HERE

8 thoughts on “Leaning into fear. #ShePersisted

  1. These are just gorgeous and inspirational. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really believe you’ve hit on something that could go global– I have several March bdays to get gifts for and am hoping you’ll turn them into greeting cards. (blank inside, art on the front). They could become a fund-raiser for so many groups– anyway– your art, your business, just love them! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lisa — thank you thank you thank you — I am so very appreciative of your support and enthusiasm! I have ordered 10 sets of five of them as cards to see how they work — I am just waiting for them to arrive. And they are exactly as you describe — art on front, blank inside. They should be here next week and I will definitely let you know. Hugs. ❤


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