Grounded in Love (My Daily Intention)

December 1.

As the earth circles the sun and the tides flow in and out, the holiest time of the year is once again here. The time of waiting, of anticipation, of night stretching its velvet blanket across the sky, holding light at bay, as we dream of new birth waiting to awaken and become present.

Into the quiet expectation of this month of waiting and preparation, I breathe deeply into the lengthening night, letting peace of heart take root, its healing presence shimmering in the depth of my gratitude for this beautiful, precious gift of life.

It is time to quit worrying about what am I going to ‘get’ the one’s I love and put my focus on what I have to give.

To know on a deep abiding level that this is not the season of buying. It is the season of gracious giving, from the abundance of my heart.

And with dawn’s early light breaking upon the horizon, I breathe into all the Love I have to give, grounded in the heart of all I wish to receive. Peace. Hope. Love and Joy.

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