Simple Acts of Kindness

I arrive home. Let Beaumont the Sheepadoodle out into the backyard. Go through the house to the front door. Open it. Check the mail.

This is my daily after work routine.

Yesterday, when I put my hand inside the mailbox, I found a surprise.

A bag of heart-shaped dog biscuits and a card. “Merry Christmas” was all that was written on the outside.

Curious, I take it into the house, let Beau in as he’s now barking for attention at the back door, and open the card.

It is from a neighbour I’ve never met on a street a few blocks over.

“Just wanted to say hello and send a little treat for your best friend that I see in the window — he/she makes my day when I drive by.  Happy New Year! All the best in your move.”

I smile with delight. Give Beau, who has been eagerly pressing his nose against the edge of the counter-top, desperately trying to get a sniff of whatever goodies are in the bag, a treat.

How delightful!

And in that moment I am reminded of the sheer beauty and magnificence of my fellow human-beings. I am reminded that we are all connected. All part of this one big human condition where we all have the capacity to see the wonder and awe in all things — even in the simple act of driving by a house where a dog sits on the couch positioned in the front window, head over the back watching the world drive by.

And we all have the capacity to connect through simple acts of kindness.



9 thoughts on “Simple Acts of Kindness

  1. Random is good. We never know when the opportunity to connect will come and it is a delight ! Peace comes from this. All praise to connecting and doing the good when we can.

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  2. Hi Louise! Thanks for this. It was a good reminder to me in a difficult time to take my attention off my problems and look around for someone who’s day I can brighten by something simple like that. Look forward to seeing you in the Choices room again soon!

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