Newborn Life. Infinite Love.

There is resistance in this place.

Resistance because I fear the surrender.

To surrender is to give in completely. It is to fall into that thing called Love fearlessly.

I write ‘that’ and realize, no, it is not ‘that’. It is ‘this’.

This thing called Love.

This thing where fear has no voice. No place. No need to be present.

I surrender.

I fall.

And find myself in the infinity of Love.

Totally. Completely. Fearlessly.

On February 8, at 8:27am all 5lb 1 ounces of Thurlow James Alexander came into this world via emergency c-section.

One month early.

We knew he would be early for the past 2 months. A liver disease that can present itself during pregnancy had precipitated the doctors telling my daughter and son-in-love that their son would be born sometime around Feb 19.

Thurlow liked the idea of Feb 8.

It is a wise choice my grandson has made. He has chosen two parents who in the brief five days since his arrival have surrounded him and embraced him and swaddled him in infinite Love.

According to Angel Guide Doreen Virtue, the Number 8 represents complete and unending abundance without any lack. It represents infinity and everything good in the universe which is infinite; infinite supply, infinite energy, infinite time, infinite Love.

He is infinite Love. Precious. Divine. Magical. Miraculous.

I am infinitely in Love with this tiny precious being. He is my grandson and I feel my entire being falling helplessly into infinite Love.

And it is good. Infinitely good.

Infinitely Divine.

I am in Love.


17 thoughts on “Newborn Life. Infinite Love.

  1. Congratulations Grandma, Granma, Nona, Nanna – have you chosen your title? I just know that wee Thurlow is going to get an infinite amount of love and guidance, and he shall thrive on it, forever.

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  2. hey Granny … congrats!

    on such a joyous occasion I’ll try not to be critical ..

    BUT .. as a friend I must remind that LOVE is NOT something you fall into – like a puddle or a swimming pool

    LOVE IS a VERB … an action word. And, it seems it’s getting lots of action

    Best wishes to mom & dad & babe ..

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    • Thanks Mark!

      And perhaps to you LOVE is a VERB. For me — it is a verb a noun an adjective an adverb a starry starry night a never-ending story — it encompasses everything and all infinity — so I prefer not to limit it with just one descriptor. 🙂

      Mom & dad & babe say thank you! and they are doing great! ❤


  3. Ah babies!!!! Congratulations……I read something recently. Unconditional love is an expression where the word unconditional is moot. If it’s not unconditional, it’s not love. Babies are the best example of this….this love.


  4. Your words made me tear up. Tears of joy for the happiness this tiny person has brought to you and your family and tears of joy knowing that this child will be raised with so much love. Congratulations to all of you and welcome to the world Thurlow James.


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