A Prayer for Mother Earth

When my daughters were little we would lay beneath trees and I would tell them stories of the wind captured in the branches.

We would run in fields of wildflowers, gather leaves and rocks and cherish each step we took upon Mother Earth.

And then the days of childhood passed and I let go of lying beneath the trees and running through fields of wildflowers.

And in my letting go, I forgot to cherish Mother Earth with every breath and every step I take.

It is not too late to remember.

Not too late to give thanks for her bounty and to join the many others calling out for change, for healing, for kinder ways to walk upon this earth so that together, we can save our world from self-destruction.

It is not too late to remember that we are not ‘on’ this planet, we are of this planet. We are each irrevocably connected in a delicate life-giving web of nature that nourishes, nurtures and sustains us.

We are each one and all of this planet we call our home.


8 thoughts on “A Prayer for Mother Earth

  1. Thanks, this isnso lovely. Eve Ensler at the Bioneers Conference did an apology somewhat similar to hers. I think lots of us are waking up to our mindlessness in regards to what we’ve been given from Mother Earth.

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    • One afternoon at my course last week, we did an embodiment exercise outside. I lay down on the grass, felt the dry leaves crackling beneath my body and breathed into mother earth. When I went to get up, I leaned over and kissed her — I was taken aback and surprised. Yet, it felt so tender and ‘real’. We’ve been given so much — and taken a great deal for granted. Thanks Joyce.


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