A Poem for Solstice

A Poem for Solstice
 ©2020  Louise Gallagher
In the presence of imminent light
 I linger in supine decadence
 along the edge of darkness
 holding close 
 memories of the sky
 littered with stars cast like dice 
 upon the pitch black velvet bed
 of night 
 softly lit
 by the sliver of a moon
 like a partially open door
 inviting me into the mystery
 in the heavenly realms
 beyond the horizon
 where neck stretched
 face upturned
 I wait in eageer anticipation
 for the return of the light
 breaking through
 the edge of darkness.
Morning casts aside
 the fiery blanket of dawn
 as light kisses the darkness adieu
 and slips gracefully
 from night’s embrace.
I awaken
 to dawn’s breath
 calling me into the mystery
 of life
 on this new day
 born from darkness.

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