Falling Effortlessly

 Falling Effortlessly
 ©2021 Louise Gallagher 
 I stand and watch the sun 
 bathe the distant mountains
 in morning’s glory.
 Day awakens. It beckons me to be right here,
  right where I’m at.

 Breathing deeply, I surrender
 and the beauty of the moment
 catches me falling effortlessly
 into Love’s enduring embrace. 

I stand on the platform of the small observation deck built into the side of the hilltop, just before the path dips down into the valley below.

In the distant horizon, the rising sun bathes the mountains in morning’s glory. A Chinook Arch stretches itself across the sky like a blanket thrown across the frozen ground to warm it up.

I want to capture the moment. To freeze it under the klieg lights of my attention as if in its frozen image I will find myself free of thought, fully present here.

Still, my mind chatters. I wish I’d put my hat on. My ears are cold. Don’t forget to drop that canvas off at JD’s today for our Zoom visit Friday. I wonder if I turned the coffee on before Beaumont and I left for our morning walk. I must remember to call the dog groomer’s today.

A Canada Goose, floating on the river below, honks loudly. repeatedly. In its cacophony, I hear it saying, ‘Stop listening to your brain chatter. Listen. Listen deep to the world around you.”

I give my head a shake. Beaumont keeps sniffing at the snow along the trail.

I close my eyes. Breathe. In. Out. In. Out.

The thrum of a train heading west vibrates in the air. The hum of traffic plays like a counterpoint to the melody of the river below where as it rounds a curve downriver, the ice forces it to bunch up into a rushing stream racing to get through the narrower channel. A bird twitters somewhere in a tree.

I keep my eyes closed.

I listen. Deep.

I want to take it all in. To hold it all in one thought-filled moment. But it escapes, like steam from a pressure cooker being slowly released.

I breathe. Deep. And open my eyes.

Sunrise has slipped into day. The geese still float languidly on the surface of the water below. The river keeps flowing eastward. Time flows in all directions.

And I wonder. Where do my thoughts go when I stop listening to their chatter?

And I smile. It doesn’t matter where they go. What matters is, will I let them pull my attention away from being here, right now?

Will I follow the randomness of my mind or follow my heart’s desire to know stillness. Peace. Calm. Tranquility.

I take a breath and Beaumont and I keep walking.

Beauty walks with us.

11 thoughts on “Falling Effortlessly

  1. I know what you’re talking about. I can get control of my mind’s craziness during the day. It’s during the night, I can’t stop the circus going on and on and on – I DO KNOW that there’s absolutely nothing I can do to better things and even in my bottomless tiredness I realise how foolish this is but I just cannot put my mind to rest. I never achieve to empty my brain, I can’t do ‘Zen, Yoga, Relaxation’, I tried hypnosis – and off they went, my thoughts, at the faintest encouragement of ‘thinking of a pleasant moment in your life’….. I’m glad you find your breath – I must get a dog!

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    • Ah yes. The night-time circus.

      I have learned to not empty my mind but to watch it drift, like the river. Sort of like Swiss Cheese — I let the thoughts flow through the holes. 🙂

      The course I took last year – The Embodied Present Process/Radical WHoleness – really helped me find that breath.

      And yes — a dog is a great antidote to restless mind syndrome. ❤

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  2. Slow down girl. I was enjoying the painting in my mind of the Chinook Arch but then was exhausted by the time I read half your post. There is nothing that important in today’s pandemonium that warrants your mind racing at warp speeds. Tomorrow morning enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature as another day awakens, silently awakening your senses.

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