…to be continued.

The story of all life holds beginnings turning into endings,
endings beginning again in a new story.

Every season turns into the next becoming
both the ending and beginning of the story of life
to be continued.


13 thoughts on “…to be continued.

  1. And that is why life itself is a circle, the beginning blending seamlessly into the ending as it becomes yet another beginning, maybe with minute alterations. I like to think of life as a Merry-go-round that unfortunately, at times, starts spinning out of control. Presently we seem to be in that cycle of ever-faster spinning ….

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    • Yes — I see you are going into a state of emergency! So sad. Fortunately, our numbers seem to be dropping – even after Christmas – but we’re still in lockdown – which hopefully will keep the numbers down.

      Hugs my friend – you have a beautiful way with words.


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