On The Day You Were Born

I was there for her first cry. First word. First step. First fall. First day of school. First heartbreak.

So many firsts to have had the privilege to celebrate with this amazing woman, my eldest daughter Alexis, who turns 35 today.

Alexis and Me

I remember hearing her first cry as they cut into my womb to lift her out. I remember feeling an emotion wash over me for which there were no words to describe. Love. Joy. Peace. Grace. It was all there and I was swimming in it and have been swimming in it ever since she came into this world, not kicking and screaming but with a delicate, soft cry that said, “I’m here. Now, give me time to adjust to this new environment please so that I can feel every sensation, sense every emotion and experience every molecule.”

Alexis was born with words written in her heart. Words that need and must flow. Words brimming with beauty that pour out and into the world awakening, touching, moving hearts and minds and souls to see and feel and know how beautiful, ethereal, mystical and real this life is.

She is a word warrioress. A poetry priestress and a heart diviner.

She’s also an exceptionally heartfelt, loving and kind woman. A mother now of my two favourite littles in the whole wide world, Alexis teaches me everyday about living from the heart, being fearless in vulnerability and finding light in the darkness.

Happy Birthday my beautiful, fierce, loving, creative daughter. You are the sun and the moon and the stars that make my world shine bright and fierce with love.

For Alexis

On the day you were born
I heard you cry inside my womb
and felt my body melt
beyond words 
beyond feeling 
beyond emotion
as I became consumed
by wild fierce love 
that poured 
like a waterfall cascading
into the deepest crevices of my soul
filling my body
with its sweet melody of love
as I fell
forever in Love with you. 

On the day you were born
the sun shone bright
and the trees whispered stories
of your arrival 
and the river flowed steady as a heartbeat
and the wind blew soft as a feather falling
and my heart beat
with the wonder
of the miracle
of holding you
cradled in my arms
forever in my heart

On the day you were born
I felt my heart burst
into a dizzying, daring beat
that has never stopped 
its song of gratitude
for the gift of you
and your fierce heart 
    that sews words into pearls of beauty
Your wild nature 
    that spins magic out of moonbeams
Your poetic soul 
    that sings songs into rainbows of magic
Your beautiful heart 
    that loves like there’s nothing else to give
for in your heart, there is only Love
to have, to hold, to give, to share
forever and always.

On the day you were born
I awoke
to the beauty of life
within the wonder of you
forever and always.

25 thoughts on “On The Day You Were Born

  1. There is such a special bond between a mother and daughter – a love like no other. I enjoyed your very beautiful and moving tribute to your Alexis – and now she has blessed you with two adorable grandchildren – life doesn’t get much better than this – hope she has a wonderful 35th! 💕💕

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  2. This was so very beautiful Louise. I feel Blessed that I am her Auntie and now Great-Auntie to her two children. Family and Love is always number one in my life. Thank-you for being a part of my life…all of you❤️

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  3. Louise, your poem is extraordinary beautiful and I feel as if you sang the song I am trying
    to express at times. How wonderful for your daughter to get this on her birthday and know
    the explosion of beauty she filled your soul with.
    Almost to much to contain, you feel the need to tell the world of the wonder.

    Thanks for sharing your birthday poem, it is treasured.


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  4. I’m writing these words through tears in my eyes. I hardly dare say it: I didn’t have the same experience as you did, I also don’t have a daughter but a son. I can’t even say that any of your words of grace, love could be said of my darling son. I WAS the happiest of all mothers when he was born, I didn’t mind not having a single night of sleep for the first 5 years of his life because he never slept a full night’s sleep. I didn’t worry about my heart-break over deceptions, rejections, because A mother loves first and foremost always. I knew that when I left his father, I would also lose my child, because Father was God, his name was Wonderful, Perfect, Always-there-for-him and much more. I waited for several years before divorcing his dad because of my hope to not cause too much trauma in him……
    At 34 yrs old he ‘confessed’ that ‘You’re not that bad’ (spoken with his typical twinkle of the eyes and a smile – meaning he made me a huge compliment) – for a few years we had a ‘normal’ relationship. He adored me for my love for his chosen companion. Then he left her, mostly (I believe) because she was like a ‘colourful carbon copy’ of me… They remain best friends but he hasn’t found words or deeds to stay best friend with me.
    My love has never lessened, but my heart has taken much weight of the sorrow and sadness it carries.
    That’s why it’s such a blessing to see the radiant beautiful Alexis, to read the wonderful spontaneous poem, to understand that it IS possible to have great relationships with your children.
    Happy belated birthday dear Alexis, congratulations to the two beautiful children/grandchildren and may this happiness continue to bloom and blossom.
    (and don’t be sad for me – most hours of most days I’m very cheerful and happy – and I’ve fully adopted my ‘newish’ daughter who has adopted me as her bestest mum – as hers is long gone)


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