The view from where I sit

This is a land of trees. Trees that march across valley bottoms, up rolling hills to merge, somewhere far off in the distance, with the horizon falling down towards earth.

“It’s easy to see how someone could get lost in the woods here,” I mention to my beloved as we drive east, across the TransCanada Highway that has only been a link from east to west and west to east since 1965.

The trees sprawl out in every direction stopping only at the shores of the mighty Lake Superior whose northern edge we traverse in our eastward drive.

Thirty-four hours and over 3500 kilometers later, we reach Georgian Bay glittering like a pale sapphire under the hot July sun. We spend two delightful days visiting with C.C.’s oldest brother and his wife and then move further east, through Algonquin Park to Barry’s Bay.

We are here now at the shore of Kamaniskeg Lake where we will visit with our dear friends U and A for the next week before flying home.

And I feel it all.

Permeating my skin.

Sinking deep into my bones.

Infusing my senses with its beauty.

The silence.

The quiet of the lake.

The birds twittering in the trees.

The stillness.

Soft. Sensuous. Sibilance.

There is no breeze caressing the leaves, stirring them into story-telling.

No tell-tale gusts of wind rippling the water’s surface.

There is only green. Miles and miles of green caressing the deep blue waters of the lake which the trees surround like lovers merging their bodies into one as they lay entwined on a bed of leaves beneath a hot summer sun.

And in the presence of the silence, in the depth of this stillness and the narrowing of the distance between my body and nature, I find myself breathing. Deep.

I am here. Present. Embodied in the stillness of it all.

by Louise Gallagher

The quiet enduring embrace
of nature
   my spirit
   my city-riddled nerves
   my busy-minded thoughts
into the silence
  immersing me 
    like the trees
with the sun
to transform carbon dioxide 
into life
      to life
again and again.

In the presence of trees
silently standing sentinel
to nature’s ways
    I find 
with grace
   sliding softly
into nature’s 
again and again.

21 thoughts on “Photosynthesis

  1. Sounds like a little piece of heaven Louise……we do live in such a beautiful country. Do you think Beaumont has forgiven you?😂 Enjoy the rest of your trip with dear friends and family.💕

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    • One never knows with Beau Val! 🙂 But… I’m sure when I return, all will be forgiven… eventually! 🙂

      And thank you — it is incredibly beautiful and peaceful here. ❤ My youngest daughter and partner fly in tomorrow for a week — so excited to share this time and place. ❤


  2. Louise,
    These are the lines that most spoke to me from your poem. I was recently able to stay with a friend at her cabin near Mt. Hood. Hiking in the forest to the sound of the river was just what I needed. I am so glad that you have been able to soak in the beauty of our world.
    “The quiet enduring embrace
    of nature
    my spirit
    my city-riddled nerves”
    Travel safely,

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  3. Enjoy the greenery! Just a mere few weeks ago there was a total fire ban. The whims of weather gods have been playing havoc for weeks, if not months. So glad that they saw fit to provide much needed moisture to paint the landscape so you could share the natural beauty, peace and solitude of the area with others.

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    • That rain last night was amazing!!!! It danced on the water — when we could see the lake through its blanket! And this morning, the trees are gently dancing, the leaves whispering and the windchimes softly playing. Quite beautiful!


  4. Ahh ….., Louise, this post is so sheer and beautiful. Your journey and arrival slows my breath
    and I feel all the things that matter.

    “The stillness.
    Soft. Sensuous. Sibilance.
    There is no breeze caressing the leaves, stirring them into story-telling.”

    Thank you for this wonderful offering.


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  5. This is my idea of heaven. I’m plunging myself into the beauty and peace of this scenery and wish you well.💝
    What I don’t get – and maybe Beau didn’t either – you drive there and fly home? So you leave your car with your family/friends? Beau and I are confused, befuddled and whatnot! 🤔🐶🐕

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