My Grandmother’s Code Revisited

After two weeks with my grandchildren (and their parents) my heart is full. Of love. Laughter. Joy. Contentment. Wonder and Awe.

Before my grandson was born I wrote a Grandmother’s Code for myself to remind me of what I wanted my grandchildren to learn and know — not just about me but about being in this world.

As I played and chatted and soared on imaginary space ships to the moon and talked to trees in the forest and searched for crabs beneath rocks on the beach, I wondered, what am I teaching them? Am I teaching them about kindness? About diving deep into your imagination to explore what’s possible and to believe in your dreams? Am I teaching them to love fierce, live wholly, be present?

This morning, I went in search of my Code to check out how well I’d lived by its tenets. I’m grateful I did.

What do I want to teach my grandchildren?

I want to teach them that who and how they are in the world makes a difference because their being in this world makes a difference.

I want them to know that this world is a place of awe and wonder. That amidst the turmoil, pain and chaos, that kindness, beauty, creativity, compassion are essential. And that in all things, all places, all situations, Love is always the answer.

And I can only do that by living through:

The power of kindness.

The beauty of honesty.

The gift of creativity.

The exquisiteness of compassion.

The grace of Love.

By living these tenets in all ways and all things I am, I want my grandson and granddaughter (heck. make it the whole world) to know that you don’t have to do anything to make a difference. You are the difference you bring into this world. Make your difference be a reflection of all you are when you walk with integrity, act through kindness and do all things with a heart full of love and compassion.

17 thoughts on “My Grandmother’s Code Revisited

  1. So beautifully written Louise. I agree it’s so important that each child/ human being grow up knowing that they make a difference in the world just being who they are…….especially in this day and age when life can sometimes be so challenging. Kindness, honesty, creativity, compassion and love are such important virtues and I know with you being such a loving and kind Grandmother, you will be one of their greatest teachers. They are so precious.💕💕

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    • I’m so grateful you found it inspiring — I hope you create one too! And share. 🙂

      And yes… I wonder…. hopefully, they’ll remember the laughter, the dancing in the rain, the talking to trees, the story-telling and so much love it couldn’t b contained. ❤


  2. Your post is so wonderful and rings with love, my heart says yes, yes …. as I read.
    If what we do falls within the framework of your ur codes then the rest will follow.
    There will be so much fun to share and warmth in the heart.


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  3. This is so beautifully written and thought out. It makes me wish to have grandkids, which is not very likely to happen. What I can do and do (as far as is possible) is to accept and love (or at least ‘just’ accept) everybody in my orbit for what they are, not to judge or wish to change them, and just be kind to them. It’s quite easy to love grandchildren with all our hearts, it’s often the stubborn, older ones, the difficult and rebel ones whom we find testing to love and accept. I have deeply engrained in me a ‘word’ somebody told me a long time ago: When we deserve love least we need it most. Trying to ‘live up’ to these words are sometimes a chore to ‘begin with’. When I read your truly beautiful ‘advice’ I feel very small and inadequate. Maybe it’s because I have so much love in me and no grandies to share with?! 😉 And not so much desire to apply to my difficult and stubborn ‘cases’`?

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    • I love your thoughts and insight Kiki — and that adage — “When we deserve love least we need it most.” It was definitely true in a homeless shelter where I worked for many years. ❤ Hugs my friend. I think we do our best and in our best is always the possibility of love leading the way to more – including applying it to the difficult and stubborn cases. 🙂 <3.


  4. So beautifully written, Louise. Your grandchildren are fortunate to have a grandma who is both wise and loving. ‘I want to teach them that who and how they are in the world makes a difference because their being in this world makes a difference.’ – this is a precious thought.


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