Life’s Untold Mysteries

Life's Untold Mysteries
by Louise Gallagher

Every day untold mysteries
to unfold
in soft gentle ripples
in grand sweeping gestures
in rippling currents of ecstasy
or raging waves of chaos
leading to new growth, new vistas, new opportunities.

We cannot live into the untold mysteries
of each moment
until we release
our hold
on what is blinding us
to their presence

To fly free
to dive
into life’s untold mysteries
we must let go.

It is never too late to let go.

Today’s poem is in response to a prompt at Eugi’s Causerie. The word prompt today is “Untold”.

Writing in response to a prompt is fun! I hope you try it.

Just click on over to Eugi’s place to participate, and to read how other’s have interpreted her prompt.

Special thanks to Lilli Ann for inspiring me to reply.

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