Give the gift of Kindness

On my FB feed I read the story of a lovely woman I know who, when she went to pay for her groceries realized she’d brought the wrong card and didn’t have enough to cover all she wanted to buy. As she started to remove items, the woman in line behind her stepped forward and insisted on paying for what she couldn’t.

That act of kindness rippled out from my friend to everyone who read the story on her feed, inspiring all of us to step forward and give however we can to help someone else.

This holiday season, this day, this year about to begin, let kindness be the gift you share everyday with those you love, with strangers near and far.

Kindness rocks.

7 thoughts on “Give the gift of Kindness

  1. The kindness of strangers – heartwarming ❤️
    Merry Christmas! May the Spirit of the season being warmth, health and happiness as we ease into 2023, a better year for sure!

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