Being of service

There is someone I love dearly who has taken the courageous yet scary step of going through rehab. I am in awe of this human being. Their resolve, their loving attitude, beauty and kindness have never diminished as they’ve tackled the beast of their addiction and stepped into the light of their truth — they are a human of great light and worth. They are not their addiction. It is a disease they did not ask for, want and for many years, ran from knowing they had through the doorway it presented to oblivion.

Yesterday, they asked if I would support them in their next step. Would I come and stay with them for their initial foray back into the world without their addiction blurring their vision and keeping them from feeling the world in all its sometimes harsh yet always loving reality.

I said yes. It means going to stay with them, leaving this place of comfort that is my home, to support them in theirs. Initially just for a night, but possibly longer as they find their balance.

This is a difference I joyfully and gratefully commit to. To give back to this person who means so much to me and who has given me so much is a gift, a blessing, an honour.

Sometimes, to make a difference requires sacrifice — and yet, it is never sacrifice when the gift of service is to witness and hold a safe space for another human being in their healing journey. The question I ask myself is, What will doing this create in my heart? What will not doing this create in my world? — harmony or discord? To not be there for this person I love would create discord in my heart. And I do not want discord in my heart nor my world. I want only harmony and Love.

Harmony and Love. It’s up to me to create them, to make room for them, to breathe into them in everything I do so that my ripple inspires more ripples of Love.

I am grateful. They have given me an opportunity to be of service in Love.



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