A smile is the difference

Busy day yesterday. My youngest daughter’s 24th birthday dinner was last night and we were 16 for dinner. I have to remind myself on days like that to stay present, to stay in the moment, to enjoy the festivities while they are taking place, and not get immersed in only the process of getting it all ready. At dinner, we went around the table and each shared, “Our wish for you Liseanne this year.” What a lovely difference it made to focus on wishing someone beauty and love, laughter, good times, fun, no car trouble, joy, success, good health, lots of sunny days and a host of other things her guests wished for her last night.

Earlier in the day, C.C. and I went to the market to buy what was needed for the dinner. Taking the lead from Beverly’s comment Thursday on my 10 Things post, where she said that she tries to look servers etc. directly in the eyes when she says ‘Thank you.’  I consciously ensured I looked the people serving us in the eyes. I also attempted to look passers-by in the eyes as well and to smile as we walked past each other.

The man at the coffee counter also responded to smiles and laughter, as did the young man serving us at the meat-counter. As did the young mother with a buggy walking across the parking lot towards the building when we got there. I waited and held the doors for her and smiled and told her to not hurry as she sped up to reach the open door. Her smile of gratitude was warm and welcoming.

It made a difference. Those brief moments of connection warmed me — and I believe, those passing by because everyone smiled back.

Sometimes, a smile is the only difference we need to make to change someone’s outlook, including our own. No matter how brief, a smile registers on people’s hearts and warms them up as if to say, I’m glad to see you too!

9 thoughts on “A smile is the difference”

  1. Whether we realize it or not, most days I believe we make a difference in someone’s life. A smile, a wave, letting someone in a line-up, opening a door or even paying it forward at Tims. We often don’t realize that such seemingly inconsequential acts may be the one nice thing that happens to another that day. I try to ‘not sweat the small stuff’ and take a deep breath and remind myself, life is good. and I’m blessed to be on the right side of the grass.


  2. Hello,

    I hear this intimately. I remember a very bad day, feeling alone in the world and someone put their hand on my shoulder and squeezed, just a greeting. They never said a word to me, but it brought me to tears that someone had seen me. It made a difference in my day. Sometimes all it takes is a smile.

    Love you Louise!


  3. I like to hold the door open for men (when approprate), especially older men, They don’t always know what to do. I just smile widely and motion them through! Your turn to be treated with respect!


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