Beyond my range.

I did not know the father well. Met him a few times years ago at our daughters’ school events. I adore his daughter. She worked for me one summer while at University. Kind. Insightful. Intelligent. Caring. She added light and joy and laughter to the darkness of a shelter where sadness reigns over lives lost in the confusion of being homeless.

The father passed away last week. The funeral was yesterday.

I went. To be present for this young woman who over the ten years I have known her never ceased to sparkle in whatever room she graced with her beautiful presence.

I went to support her and her family. To support my daughter and her friends who were all there.

I don’t remember ever having gone to the funeral of a friend’s parent. The only funeral I remember attending in my 20s was my former husband’s grand-father’s.

There was great sadness there. Great sorrow. And the truth and beauty of celebrating a man who loved his family above all else.

And then, I read my A Course in Miracles Lesson for today: God is in everything I see.

To see the divine in this gentle man’s passing. To know the divine is present in the hearts filled with pain and sorrow.

In the lesson for today the author’s invite the student to:  “learn how to look on all things with love, appreciation and open-mindedness. You do not see them now. Would you know what is in them? Nothing is as it appears to you. Its holy purpose stands beyond your little range.”

Nothing is as it appears to me.

I was present yesterday, along with the hundreds of others who came to show respect and support for a family in pain. In our presence, we gave strength, we shared love.

I could only be present by being there. The holy purpose of his passing is beyond my range.

One thought on “Beyond my range.”

  1. LG

    with respect to the man who died, and I write this with no religious affliation or angst, is that there is no purpose in the passing/death – except perhaps as a cause for the gathering – because the purpose is in the life. From what you wrote he had a very purposeful one . . . . and you became part of it all be being there for someone who deserved your support.

    I know you are faithful – and I mean no disrespect to your faith, or to anyone else’s, but death is no more or less a part of life than today is for any of us. – it is just part of life, much like the bug I squashed. Its life is over. Its value to the world, like ours, is in our living.

    Now, celebrating that, and remembering that is great.

    That’s my range . . .




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