Heroes among us.

Saturday dawns clear and sunny, blue skies soaring above, just as heroes soar through everyday.

While C.C. and I were in the Russian Valley River wine country, we happened upon a concert in the town square. We were quickly befriended by Bill and Mary and Tony and Gail and their friends and became part of an exceptional evening of fun and laughter and good times under a canopy of leaves and a sky turning peacock to indigo. The warmth and welcome we were extended made my heart soar.

Strangers who embrace travellers to make them feel welcome in their town are heroes!

Chatting with Tony at the concert last Tuesday night he shared his recent appointment to the Goodwill board of directors in the Healdsburg area. He excitedly told me all about their good works, and his efforts to assist them in raising funds for the many important initiatives they undertake to create a great community for everyone. His excitement was contagious, and his passion inspiring.

Tony and all those who take the time to sit on boards and committees to guide charities in their work and to create great communities are heroes.

My brother-in-law Jim recently became a member of the Hospitality Committee for the Calgary Stampede. He is one of 5,000 volunteers who make Stampede work every year. Like so many, Jim contributes his time to ensure visitors and spectators have the time of their life — not only during the hottest ten days of summer when the Stampede is staged, but also throughout the year. Jim flips pancakes, greets visitors, stages cowboy dramas and does whatever it takes to ensure no one is left out of the festivities.

Jim and all those who volunteer to make the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth – the Calgary Stampede — happen every year are heroes!

Who are your heroes? These are just some of mine that I’ve encountered over the past week. Care to share yours? If nothing else, why not let them know — You’re a hero! You’ll definitely make a difference in their life.

Happy Canada Day Weekend to my fellow Canadians!  Hope it’s a blast!

And…. because it is a national holiday here in Canada — our Canada Day weekend, I’ll be sharing a video about Canada each day.

Here are the Arrogant Worms singing I am Canadian! And yes! the Arrogant Worms are heroes too — they rock!

7 thoughts on “Heroes among us.”

  1. The video didn’t play for me but that is my problem not yours having a lot of problems with my adobe flash player, anyway I want to say I hope your Canada Day was everything you hoped it would be………..good on Jim for volunteering


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