What we think makes a difference

It is interesting some days, to look back on my day and wonder… where did I make a difference?

It’s not that I don’t, or you don’t, always make a difference. We do. Our presence in this world is the difference we make every day. And that’s the relevance of our difference. Did I consciously chose harmony over discord, joy over sadness, laughter over tears, gentleness over brutishness, peace over anger, no matter the circumstances unfolding around me?

Everyday we have the opportunity to take small steps, make little gestures, choose small significances that will make a difference in the world beyond our own state of being. Like holding open the door for  someone, or smiling at a stranger, or complimenting the checkout guy at the coffee shop, or letting a driver merge into traffic with a smile and a soft heart — those moments exist throughout our day. It is in choosing the road of harmony and openness that I make a difference within me — and from that state of being at peace within, my ripple becomes an echo of peace all around me.

It is easy to forget sometimes that peace is out there, everywhere, waiting to be made by each of us. That no matter how discordant our heartbeat in any moment, peace is waiting to be embraced by the choices we make. We can move anger up, or down, a notch. We can slow down our temper by giving way to our heart’s calling to be ‘at peace’ within our being in the harmony and flow of life without discord stirring up the muddy waters of our thinking — ‘it’s not my fault’, it’s them not me, I deserve…. I didn’t… I won’t…. I can’t help myself….

Every day I have the opportunity to make peace, or not. To choose harmony, or not.

Some days, I’m more aware than others. Some days, fear, pain, self-concern, self-protection and other limiting beliefs fog up my thinking with their litany of reasons why I don’t need to act in peace.

Like yesterday when I didn’t let that man merge because I didn’t like the way he drove up the right lane knowing it ended just ahead and he would have to merge, I am not creating ripples of harmony and peace. I am contributing to the discord around me.

Perhaps, in those instances where I don’t understand why ‘they’ can’t merge two blocks before like I did, I might want to ask myself, ‘why do we all merge two blocks early when the road is designed to have us merge up ahead?’ Perhaps it is the fact none of us trust other drivers to let us in that we then create an environment of distrust where those who use the road as designed are then accused of being pushy drivers?

When I stop to change my glasses, when I let go of my preconceived notions of right versus wrong, my way versus yours, I see there is a different way to see the world around me. I see that I contribute to the discord, and the harmony in all things.

All things are connected. We are all connected. And on that road, I created a thread of discord simply by my judgments and perceptions of ‘what was wrong’ with someone else.

There are thousands of opportunities everyday where I can chose to ‘be right’ or I can choose to let my difference be one of harmony, peace, love and joy simply by letting go of my judgments and letting my thoughts and actions be the difference I want to create in the world around me.

Today, let all my actions, thoughts and way of being create harmony, peace, love and joy.


4 thoughts on “What we think makes a difference”

  1. so much true
    it took me a minute or more
    to chew!
    yes, those limiting beliefs
    ….i love how you’re honest and
    call them what they are.
    so much courage to see that clearly!
    thanks for stirring up the brave in me,


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