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My friend and inspirational founder of Leading Essentially, Ian Munro, shared his first blog with us a couple of weeks ago. Ian is new to blogging. But, given the tone of his first few blogs, he’s a natural!

Today, Ian shares a powerful story about our human need for connection, and the possibility of living in ‘the difference’.

Thank you Ian for sharing your gifts and your insights and for opening this first Sunday of Advent with a powerful story of our human condition.


People Like Us

by Ian Munro

My wife Kendra and I have just completed a marvelous 25 day trip to Europe. While in Europe we saw and experienced many things. Above all we reveled in the opportunity to share these things together and to discuss our discoveries every day. On the way home Kendra watched a movie called “People Like Us”, and just the title made me reflect again on our trip.

Europe is not at all like Canada. In Canada we marvel at old things whereas in Europe the modern attracts attention. Home is wide open spaces while in the old world you always seem to be craning in anticipation to see around the next corner. We are used to understanding every word we hear and don’t give a second thought to our ability to express ourselves … Europe is a melting pot of language with most of the skill residing with the residents, not the tourists. In Canada history is studied in schools whereas our counterpart’s children learn history by visiting it.                          To read the rest of People Like Us, click HERE…


4201212011021582_1_Make-Time-for-the-Sacred-baAs this is the first Sunday of Advent, I invite you (in case you missed the invitation yesterday) to join me in an advent celebration. Every Monday until Christmas Day, I shall be sharing reflections on Advent through, Make Time for the Sacred.  Please join me. I’d love to connect.  Find out more, HERE…

2 thoughts on “People Like Us — guest blog

  1. Ian’s post was perfect for this season, while we proudly promote a holiday that we love dearly, it is equally important to remember that others have different holidays and to show the same level of understanding, respect, and acceptance that we want to see now. I agee that it is our differences that makes this world interesting, and to know that underneath superficial things, we are still all very much the same. Excellent post!


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