Let us be the change — it makes a difference

IMG_2991We met for brunch yesterday. I am grateful.

The band of ‘peace angels’ as Kerry Parsons, the inspiration behind Calgary Summer of Peace calls us, met at my home for a celebration of all that we accomplished this past year and to create space for all we’re capable of creating in days to come. As we went around the table sharing what was in our hearts, I sat in awe of the beauty of the souls with whom I have experienced such joy and peace throughout our journey through Summer of Peace and beyond.

We began the festivities with the lighting of the Advent Candle, one of four candles set in a wreath I have created to honour the season. The Advent wreath is a ritual that connects me to my past, to my Catholic upbringing, to my history, my shared experience of being part of a circle of love within my family. Kerry spoke of opening our hearts, of expanding our minds, or grounding ourselves in our capacity to create change, further evolution, be of service to the world. She spoke of letting the light of the candle ignite the flame within each of us to continue to serve the world in peace, hope, love and joy.

Later, as I shared my experiences this past year and where I’ve felt myself expanding into peace, hope, love and joy, my friend Judy said, “You’ve had a year of practice.”

So true.

Writing this blog has been one of the opportunities I’ve experienced this past year to grow into my commitment to be, as Gandhi invited all of us, “the change I want to see in the world.”

I believe in our capacity to create change, to be part of life’s evolutionary impulse to always create, become, expand. I believe in our ability to become ‘the change’ we want to create in the world.

At the beginning of the year I began this blog with the intention of staying conscious of ‘how’ I embodied what it means to ‘make a difference’. I began with the commitment to write about ‘making a difference’ every day.

In the doing, I have changed. In the doing, I have become more of what I want to create in the world — peace. hope. love and joy.

There have been other aspects of my journey that have opened up the space for me to ‘be the change’. From the beginning of the year of choosing to stand in the broken with my beloved and commit to creating the relationship we both desire and deserve to gifting him a poem a day for 14 days at Valentines — and the amazing and awe-inspiring power of that small act to deepen my understanding, and knowing. I continue to write a poem of love every day, to begin each day with Love as my companion and it continues to expand my capacity to open my heart and being to Love every day.

This morning, I sent out my first segment of the Advent meditation and reflection course (Make Time for the Sacred) I’ve created. An act I could not have envisioned doing at the beginning of the year. A step I could not have imagined taking before I consciously brought ‘making a difference’ into my daily commitment to ‘be the change’.

I am grateful.

This year has been an amazing journey. I began nervous, concerned, somewhat tentative. I had just left a job I loved in a place my heart was called to be. I was fearful. Worried. Hopeful.

I reminded myself of the saying, “When one door closes another opens.” I kept watching for open doors, I kept my mind and heart open to their appearance… and they appeared.


I am grateful.

Being here with you each day, meeting you, getting to know you, exchanging thoughts, sharing ideas, feelings, words has expanded my heart and my capacity to be present as ‘the change I want to be’ in the world.

Thank you.

We have entered the first week of advent. As we prepare our hearts, as we open our beings up to the wonder and the majesty of this holy time of year, let us ‘be the change’.

Let us welcome in the change we want to see in the world.

Let us be. Peace. Hope. Love and Joy.


And…. in case you’re wondering if the Advent Reflection and Meditation is something you could become part of, here’s the link to the first recording…

16 thoughts on “Let us be the change — it makes a difference

    • Yeah!!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it Katie — and you inspire me. Your willingness to ‘see and seek’ is breath-taking. And in your willingness, I am reminded to be fearless in my desire to live my own magnificence.


    • Not so sure that’s all so weird my friend. I think this season reminds of us so much — good and bad. There is also a poignancy around this time of year that I find particularly haunting.


  1. Your transformation has been visible here this year! It has been a pleasure and a constant inspiration to stop by and be uplifted! You are being what the world so badlly needs, and living life by example. If you can be the change, we all can learn to be! Thank you my friend, this has been a wonderful journey. Namaste


  2. You are a constant inspiration to keep going, despite our doubts and fears, and to keep putting our best most positive foot forward.
    From way over the other side of the world, thanks and I do hope that you continue next year.


    • Thank you Elizabeth — and lol — I too hope I keep going tee hee. My thinking is — it’s always a good year to make a difference so I’m thinking I’ll just keep focusing on it. πŸ™‚


  3. Once again Louise, thank you for your reminders, making time for the sacred………..so important in our lives. Thank you for being you and for all the inspiration you bring. Being with you in spirit.Andrea (mexico)


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