Shining bright we make a difference

I am rooted in the place of opening myself up to miracles everyday. Grounded in my belief that Love is the answer. There is no need to question it.

I am full of hope, love, peace and joy. I am immersed in knowing I am the one I am waiting for. That within me I have the capacity to  be my best friend, my greatest companion, my own beloved.

And still I waver.

I stall and hesitate. I bend and quiver. I lean into darkness of the unknown, I stand back from the edge of knowing I must leap.

I become the dichotomy of my resistance to grace. My stubborn defiance of miracles happening all around.

I become that which I think. That which I do. That which I believe. I know better than to believe I know it all. I don’t know enough to do it all and sometimes I do less than I know.

I know who I want to be, who I am meant to be in this world of wonder, yet still I waver. Still I sometimes eat that thing I know I shouldn’t. Drink that extra glass of wine. Say that statement that does not become me. Do that  act that does not create more of what I want to see in the world.

I do the things I know I shouldn’t and berate myself for my doing. And then, I come full circle, back to that place of grace where I awaken to the light of hope, love, peace and joy shining in the darkness of morning breaking upon a distant horizon.

I seek perfection and know I must let go of being perfect.

I give into imperfection and know I must let go of my imperfections.

And then I remember. Ah yes. This is what it means to be human. This is what it means to be me.

Human in all my perfect imperfections. Human in all my defiance. In all my stubborn resistance. In all my being. I am human.

And in my humanness, I leap, and crawl. I defy gravity, I become mired in the muck of every step I take out of the darkness of the past, into this moment right now where I am present to this moment, right now.

I shine my light and then crawl under the blanket of my resistance to being my most brilliant self.

I am yin and yang. Light and dark. Open and closed. I am Beauty and the beast. I am me and you. I am. We are. Connected. Apart. Together. Alone.

We are. The human race, ever evolving. Ever expanding. Ever becoming that which we do not know. That which we seek. That which we know is the gift of this life we hold.

Together. Apart.

Breathing in. Breathing out.

This air I breathe in filled with the breath you let out.

This space I feel against my face once felt against your skin.

We are. Human. Divine. Miraculous. We are. Broken. Lost. Alone.

We are. The only one’s who can change this world in which we share our dreams, our hopes, our thoughts and deeds.

We are the ones  we have been waiting for. To make a difference. To make it alright. To change the world.

We are. Here. Right now. Waiting. To leap. To stand back. To run. To crawl. To speak up. To stay silent.

Whatever we do we are human beings sharing this one world, one planet, one place on earth where we stand, right now, doing whatever it takes to become that which we have always imagined.

We are human dreaming of that which we have never dreamed of, that which we hold as sacred or profane. That which we see as nothing more than a problem or a solution, an idea or unmindful, a possibility or impossible.

We are One World. One Planet. One People.

We are and in our being, we must always know, in our humanity there is all the room in the world for us to shine and become the light we are seeking in the dark.

Shine bright. Shine on. Shine!



5 thoughts on “Shining bright we make a difference

  1. LG,
    I believe, without being smug or egotistical or braggarts our mothers warned us not to ever be – that we can say I AM GOOD, I AM GREAT, I AM CAPABLE, I AM WORTHY … as we strive to be the most excellent we can be at whatever we turn our hand to . . .

    Otherwise, don’t we aim for mediocrity?

    Because mediocrity is safe, easy, good, adequate – even praiseworthy in a world that seems to really like ‘doing things that are GOOD ENOUGH’ , by not worrying about great because the middle ground is where most people function and flourish . . . therefore it must be good.

    But is it?

    We have our time here – and nothing else.

    Why squander it on mediocrity?

    Really, what purpose is served by not being our best and whatever we want to do or best at … every day.

    I have poster – sits above my computer screen staring at me every day as it has for more than 20 years now.

    It is titled OPPORTUNITY … it pictures an old basketball court, brick walls, grated windows and a hoop. The caption under Opportunity reads: You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

    We are all perfect, capable and fantastic. So many people lose their view of that somewhere along the way – most often in childhood and school days – but we can all get it back, we can all find our own way . . .

    Also, not-secondguessing ourselves is a good rule too.

    Go, do, be.

    You are the best Louise Gallagher ever invented. Not to say you can do no wrong, but mostly you do so much right that nobody notices when you are floating along in mediocrity – or when you fail, because we are so proud of and admiring of how you soar.

    You soar.

    Keep flying high, aiming high . . . you will inspire far more people than you might ever offend.

    You are perfect potential. You have never been anything else . . .



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