The Christmas Story

As we continue to reel from the events in Newtown, Ct., and events around the world where innocent children, women and men die senselessly under acts of violence, I have chosen to not post a guest blog today but rather, to share an idea, and a video.

The idea comes from Misifusa’s blog today, ‘Tis the Season to Send Out Love. It is an invitation to send a card to the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Misifusa is a cancer survivor and shares her love and brilliance with the world everyday through words, and action. Today, she invites people to send a card by sharing the story of the impact cards had on her when first she was diagnosed with cancer — and then, she makes the act of sending the card easy.

Please, do visit Misifusa’s blog and take the simple, easy steps she gives through the link she’s included. It is a powerful step and so easy to take and won’t cost you anything other than a few moments of time.

The second thing I’m sharing is a video my sister Jackie, sent me yesterday. It is The Christmas Story told by children from St Paul’s Church in New Zealand.

When I watched this video yesterday, I cried. the children are so sweet and innocent and filled with love and joy and honesty and hope and possibility. And I thought of the children in Newtown who’s story ended on Friday at the hands of a young man who was once a child with a story of promise, just like theirs,  yet whose story has ended with such horror and tragedy he will always be remembered as a killer, a monster, or as so many headlines label, evil.

So sad.

And so, I share this video to remind each of us that every life is precious, every life beautiful. That children are miracles of life, jut as we each are. And, to let each of us smile and wonder at the beauty and joy of these children as they share a story that is 2,000 years old. A story that has shaped the course of our western world, a story that has touched the hearts and lives of billions of people around the world as we share in its promise of peace, hope, love and joy to the world.

May we know peace.

13 thoughts on “The Christmas Story”

  1. Thank-you Louise for sharing this touching & beautiful video, which I sent to you, made by the children of St. Paul’s Church in N.Z. Like you, I cried, and watched in horror at the news from Newtown, CT. Thankfully, these small children, I think, have put a smile on many faces and have given us hope for the future. I love the fact, that at the end of the credits, the producers, write, “based on a true story”. May we all continue to believe and live our lives with love. Love you little sis, Jackie


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