And Interview and A Poem

My friend, Mark Kolke, has humbled me with an interview on his website, FACILITY Calgary.

I don’t know about you, but when someone writes about me, I feel very uncomfortable — and odd. He makes me sound so…. real and different, all in the same breath.

Thanks Mark for honouring me. For sharing your light to create a place for mine to shine.

May we all shine today in the brilliance of living wildly in love with life in the rapture of now (and that happens to be the theme of my Poem for today – a coincidence as I didn’t know Mark was posting his interview today!) — Living at the Speed of Life.


16 thoughts on “And Interview and A Poem”

  1. I love it… All we can leave behind is love! That is awesome. I loved what you shared. I kept wondering if it was you! YOU are an amazing public speaker. I was in an abusive relationship when I was young. It has effected me in such a way that I carried the baggage with me for years. Even allowed that person back into my life for a while recently… As in way of closure. THAT was a mistake! But in a way, it has brought me to my knees in a place where I can finally end my book that I am writing. I had been stuck at the ending for two years and even hearing you as confirmed what I want the ending to be.
    Thank you for sharing. I will definitely go on line and buy your book!


    1. Thank you! I’m sorry to hear you were in an abusive relationship too — it is so easy to allow them back in and so enlivening to discover — we can stop abuse in our life.

      I look forward to reading your book when it’s finished!


  2. What a lovely interview! I loved it ~ and I enjoyed getting to know you more! You and I have many common thoughts ~ Us instead of Them, Allowing the LIGHT to SHINE from within…you are just as beautiful inside as you are outside! So happy to have connected with you! I’m glad that you included your interview! xoxo


  3. Louise, Indeed your words INSPIRE. As I read this I realized we just passed each other. Seems there is never time for visiting…….. Know I love and appreciate you. Thelma


  4. I smiled at his description of you as “a calendar management challenge” to describe your busy life. I wish some of your energy was for sale!
    It was a moving piece and great to know you.


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