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Don’t worry. I’m a mother.


They’ve made it to Amsterdam. That I know for sure. Sometime during the night a message arrived on  my phone telling me my daughter and her girlfriend were waiting for their flight to Istanbul and then, Izmir where their friend who they met when they were at University in the Netherlands is picking them up. She’s safe. Excited. Happy.

And I am nervous.

This is my baby-girl, off on a world adventure into an area that is experiencing unrest. She is far from home. In a country that speaks a different language, uses a different alphabet and practices a different religion.

And then I read this quote by Craig Groeschel:  What you fear most reveals what you value most and where you trust God least.

Oh oh. I know I value my daughter’s life most — it’s the ‘where I trust God least’ that rattles my thinking.

‘Cause really? Is it that I don’t trust God to turn up in other cultures that I fear what might happen if she is in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people with the wrong idea of what is right and what is wrong? Is it that I can’t control what happens in her life any more?

The fact that she is off adventuring in the world, living her life for all she’s worth gives me great joy. She is willing to go meet the world on her terms. She is willing to travel half way around the world to experience — different cultures, languages, people, places, foods, sights and sounds. My daughter is brave and confident. She is everything I have ever dreamed she would be.

And still I worry.

But then, I am a mother. Even if there weren’t demonstrations happening around the country, I’d probably be worrying about her travelling so far from home if only because, she’s my daughter, and it’s a mother’s right, and rite, to worry!

Is this what I want more of in my life? Worry? Unrest? Distrust?

I’m giving it up. Not the being a mother part. Just the ‘it’s my right to worry and dang it, I’m gonna worry myself sick’ part.

All the worry in the world won’t change where she is in the world. It might change my appreciation of her adventures though. And, without worry, maybe I can simply step into being joyful for her courage and willingness to experience the world. Maybe without worry, I can simply trust in my daughter’s ability to take care of herself . Maybe without worry, she won’t be worrying about my worry and will simply be revelling in the experience of where she is at this moment in time and space experiencing all that she can of life far from home.

Maybe without worry, I can Let go and let God.

Because no matter the language, creed, or place, no matter the pew in which we pray, or the direction in which we bow, or the offerings we place upon an altar, when we are open and loving, kind and caring, trusting and trustworthy, God manifests magnificently in our hearts and in our world. When we let go of fear, judgement and condemnation of one another, God shines brightly in the spaces between us and within us.

I don’t call myself a Christian. I don’t follow any one faith or creed. I see myself as a spiritual being on the journey of her lifetime. I see God in every breath and beleive we are designed to take God’s breath away. And in my journey, trusting in the Universe, knowing the many names of God and trusting in God by any name means — letting go of fear and worry. When I trust in God’s capacity to be with me, knowing God’s desire for me and you and all of us is to shine, to radiate love and joy and peace brings me great love and joy and peace.

My daughter is on her way to Istanbuhl. She is on the adventure of her choosing. She is in God’s embrace and I am happy knowing she is safe.

In my heart I know… God is Love and in Love, there is nothing to fear.

I breathe.

Breathing, peace enters my heart and expands my being into knowing, when I trust in Love, there is nothing to fear. No matter what happens, in Love is all I need to meet what life presents.

I am blessed with so many gifts and today, I shall cherish and revel in the gift of knowing, my daughter is safe in God’s embrace, experiencing life on her terms.


Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe we each have the capacity to be the change we want to see in the world, to make a world of difference. I believe we are creative beings on the journey of our lifetimes. It's up to each of us to Live It Up and SHINE!

20 thoughts on “Don’t worry. I’m a mother.

  1. I forwarded this one to my sis whose son and wife just got dropped off at the airport for a 6 month backpacking experience! They sold or stored all their stuff and decied to do it! Ahhh to be young again. I love the kids who are fearless and embrace the time now. My cousin used to travel alone! Never had kids until she married into them. Her travels were her kids! Or the trade off for them… Guess both can bring great memories… and those kind of memories can’t talk back to ya. LOL
    Thanks for sharing… Praying for all the traveling kids out there!
    Another Mother!


  2. How exciting for her… and worrying for you. I totally understand. One never stops worrying no matter how old our kids are. (My father tells me this too.) I’m sure she’ll be fine and have great adventures to tell you about.


  3. Your father is so right! And thank you Lisa — you’re right — the great adventures she will have to tell will far outweigh any worry! 🙂


  4. I love where your thinking takes you. I am excited for your daughter and her wonderful adventure. I always tell my daughter, and myself I guess, that God loves her more than I do!


  5. Oh my dear, the extra worry lines I have for troubling over my now grown children. We can not stop being a mom, you are right. Prayers for your daughter’s safety….and for your peace ♥


  6. I feel for you Louise. My Son left for Europe in May and is travelling alone! Yikes, I spent the first 2 weeks telling myself to calm down and have faith in him. He will make good decisions. He is able to email regularly and that really helps ease the worry. All the best to you and I’m sure she is having the time of her life and will return safely to you.


    • Thanks Lisa — we can share our worries and then they won’t feel so heavy! C.C. called to say — you know it’s okay to worry. I know it’s ‘okay’ but it doesn’t bring me joy — and thinking of her having the time of her life does — so Thank you Lisa — she is having the time of her life and has posted a photo on her FB page and is now in Izmir — and all is well. Cheers!


  7. Louise,
    Really all we have to do is trust ourselves. Trusting God, means trusting that we divine being and what might happen to us on earth, nothing can hurt our divineness. We are in God’s hands whether we are physically or emotionally hurt or not. Hard to get, but so freeing once you get there! This was beautiful!


  8. For years my kids have told me that I am the ONLY one who worries so much. Now I know that is not the case. all mothers are the same. I survived six months of my daughter travelling alone. I waited patiently – and sometimes not so patiently – for those text messages to come in every second day.
    I do not know how our own parents survived with only the odd postcard to let them know we were OK seven days before receipt.
    I wish your daughter happy adventures and a safe return to your arms.


    • haha — the ONLY one! Isn’t it nice to know you have company?

      Last time she travelled, she was in Greece during their troubles — had a text from her early this morning, she’s doing great. Thanks Elizabeth — my mother says she’s never given up worrying! 🙂


  9. This was a great post…………………..and brought a smile to my face………………….I hate it when I don’t hear from my girls


  10. What an exciting and amazing thing to do! Ah, to be young again!! How happy you must be for her even if you’re anxious but like you said, “you’re a mother!” I’d be worried too but I’d probably keep that to myself OR write about it like you have.

    I hope she has a lovely time!


    • CZ!! How lovely to see you. and yes, it is exciting and amazing and she is young and adventurous and living her life on her terms. I’m not so good at keeping it to myself — 🙂

      Hope you’re well my friend. Hugs


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