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Social Media Confessions


Social Media Confessions:

Confession No. 1 — I don’t spend a lot of time going through my FB page and when I do, I am always conscious of the fact I can get sucked into spending a great deal of time browsing the messages — so I skip lots and keep one part of my consciousness separate so that I don’t get lost in browsing. Which means — I’m not particularly good at responding to people on FB.

Confession No. 2 — I have a twitter account that I sometimes remember to post things to other than my blog and Alexis’ blog. Which means — I’m not particularly good at responding to people on Twitter.

Confession No. 3 — I have a Pinterest, Linked In, Vimeo, YouTube and other SM accounts — but I’m not particularly active or focused on keeping up with the happenings.

There. Now I feel better.

I’ve been feeling a bit inadequate lately around Social Media. I mean, seriously, there are so many options, so many ways it can lift my profile, that I am exhausted just thinking about them.  And still, there are those who seem to be adept at keeping it all on track. Who seem to be able to update their status and tweet their location and link into their latest feats with ease. I know it’s all about focus and ‘putting your attention on it’ but man, where do I find the time to get attentive in the world of SM?

So…. here’s the BIG Confession No. 4 — I don’t care. I don’t care that I’m not a SM guru or that my latest status was automatically posted to FB by my WordPress account. I don’t care.

With or without SM, my life is mighty fine.

With or without SM, I have people I love whom I spend time with, friends who I connect with on a regular basis, and acquaintances who I keep up with as best I can.

I read the news when I feel like it, I watch tv news if I happen to be awake and the TV is on and… if I miss it, I’m ok.

There was a time when being up to the minute in the happenings of the world was a priority. When knowing the direction of the Dow Jones average and the dips of the TSE were all important. There was even a time when knowing where our Prime Minister was at, what he was doing, who he was talking to — and what he was saying — were top of mind. Heck, how would the world revolve if I wasn’t keeping track of what was happening in every corner of the planet?

The times they are a ‘changin’.

And I’m good with the change.

Sure, being conscious of wars in far off places, and tsunamis sweeping distant shores is important, but I no longer let them consume my consciousness. I can’t. My consciousness is far too consumed with being here, in the here and now, right now. My consciousness is far too aware of being present to be distracted by far off happenings that I cannot affect unless I am creating the change I want to be in the world, right here, right now.

There are seven billion ways to make a difference in the world and we the people are each and every one of them.

I’m not a Social Media guru. Heck, I’m not even a Social Media infant, I’m just a gal looking to make a difference by being the light she wants to create in the world.

I’m good with that!

And now, I feel better. I have confessed (those Catholic roots run deep) and told the truth. I don’t do SM well, and I don’t care. I do being me the best of everything I do — and about that I truly care because me being me and you being you is what makes the greatest difference in our world!  🙂


Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe we each have the capacity to be the change we want to see in the world, to make a world of difference. I believe we are creative beings on the journey of our lifetimes. It's up to each of us to Live It Up and SHINE!

16 thoughts on “Social Media Confessions

  1. Sounds great to me. I’m hardly a guru.. but just like FB. It has been fun connecting with high school friends and a great way to share photos, blog posts, etc.


  2. As I am currently stuck deep in the world of online social networks, in an attempt to get my dissertation draft completed by Friday (Working title, exploration into the impact of OSNS on young people’s subjective well-being)…I WISH I could be as far from them as possible right now! Theory, interview data, analysis, discussion, all jumbled up in my head and a million other thing to be thinking about too.
    I am happy to say that my conclusions so far, put you and your attitude towards them in a good position for positive well being, if that helps at all :p
    My Catholic roots run deep too and I confess that I am procrastinating from finishing the discussion by writing this comment here now… Phew, now I can breathe easy again…
    Right, back to work, tuition with my dyslexia adviser to look over the work in a moment, she better not catch me blogging instead!
    Love xx


    • Tee hee — thanks for using me as your excuse Laura! 🙂 Hope the dissertation flies free with accolades and kudos showering all around. And…. I’m sure it will because as you do it, so it is, and you do it brilliantly!

      Love to you too my dear friend.


  3. haha thanks for the chuckle! You are absolved – as you were.



  4. YOU and I are twin souls I think. I am so NOT into facebook. I find it far too busy and bothersome. Whenever I go in there are all these threads and comments about really inane subjects that I find quite irrelevant to my life. I have enough trouble keeping up with everything else in my life and I really do not know how the people who are engrossed in SM keep up with it all.

    “I’m just a gal looking to make a difference by being the light she wants to create in the world.”
    I am with you on this one 🙂


  5. I’m with you. So many things matter more. I rarely check Facebook and I have a Twitter account only to post the blog. On the extremely rare occasions when I go to Twitter and try to read stuff I’m so utterly bored I leave within minutes and don’t go back for a few months.


  6. Well I beg to differ! You are a social media goddess! Blogs are considered mainstream SM and here you are right in the midst of it right now!!! 🙂


  7. I’m with you !00%. SM has some distinct advantages but it certainly isn’t the be all end all. I would still much rather send a card, write a letter, or have a phone conversation with those I care to be in contact with. It is with us and I appreciate it’s advantages (such as following your blog), but I don’t feel beholden to it.
    I continue to enjoy your insightful observations!


    • Stan! How lovely to see you here — and thank you. You are such a beautiful presence and model of growth and learning and evolving into who you truly are — a beautiful, caring man with great heart and soul. And yes, it does have advantages — thank you for reminding me of the value in all things. Hugs


  8. I have a Facebook page and check it out daily but I don’t use my twitter account very often…………………..I blog more then I tweet


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