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Celebrating 27 years of life.


IMG_4139I remember this day 27 years ago. It was a bright and sunny Thursday. We had been anticipating the birth of our first child and her due date had long since passed. Every second day I would walk the half hour to the hospital, have a natal stress test, meet a friend for lunch and then walk home. On those days when I wasn’t going for a stress test,  my dog Max and I would walk throughout the city, enjoying the late spring sunshine, stopping to chat with strangers or to visit with a dog we’d meet along our route. Inevitably someone we met would ask, “When are you due?” And I would reply, “Last week. The week before last. 3 weeks ago.

In the end, Alexis Marie slipped into the world 23 days past her original due date. As I lay on an operating table and the doctor cut into my abdomen, I heard her cries from within my womb and my heart melted. I could feel it. That instantaneous giving way of the boundaries that held all known feeling in place. A letting go of all restraint, an abandoning of life as I knew it as this tiny, precious, perfect being was lifted from the safety of my womb and exposed to the world.

I wanted to keep her close. To keep her tied to the umbilical safety of my being the vessel that embraced her every breath.

And I had to let her go. I had to allow the cord to be cut to give her wings room to grow.

They have been growing ever since.

Over the past 27 years I have watched in awe and wonder as this tiny being has expanded into becoming the amazing, beautiful woman she is today. From her first cry to her first smile to her first song, I have borne witness to the magic and miracle of her voice growing stronger. With every breath, every word, every movement, she has taught me about life and love and living fearlessly. Through the gift of her life I have learned to claim my own greatness and celebrate the many exquisite facets of our human condition.

IMG_4110My eldest daughter turns 27 today. Over these 27 years she has taught me the truth about Love. She has shown me the meaning of courage. She has given me eyes to see the miracle of life.

Alexis celebrates her 27th birthday today and as I breathe into this space where grace floods my heart and gratitude fills my every breath, I give thanks for the miracle of her life, the wonder of her Love and the gifts of being her mother.

Happy Birthday Alexis. You make my heart smile.

Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe we each have the capacity to be the change we want to see in the world, to make a world of difference. I believe we are creative beings on the journey of our lifetimes. It's up to each of us to Live It Up and SHINE!

11 thoughts on “Celebrating 27 years of life.

  1. Happy Birthday to your baby! Wow I thought I was late! They don’t let you go that long anymore. We had Kaiser and they let me go till I was finally in labor. I was sixteen days past my due date. My baby is twenty five so it was in the same era…. That’s just crazy they let us go so long. My daughter was ten pounds seven ounces when she was born. How much Did Alexis weigh? Brooke was always sensitive about how much she weighed when she was born until her cousin said you were over two weeks late honey! It wasn’t your fault!….lol.
    Isn’t this a good age?? I love how they appreciate us as friends now. Funny how we create a version of our very best friend. Isn’t it?? My daughter is my best work!
    You guys totally look like sisters! You can tell you are related!
    You guys enjoy the day!!!


    • Thanks Di — lol — my doctor was away for the second week of being overdue and I didn’t want any other doctor! We were 90% sure I was having a c-section, and in the end, I did, though they tried to induce me nothing happened.

      IN Alexis’ case, she was really tiny — 5lb 13 oz — so the extra time ‘cooking’ was for her benefit I’m sure.

      And yes, I so agree — our daughters are our best work!

      Hugs to you — have a beautiful day.


  2. Such a beautiful post.


  3. Happy Birthday Alexis! 23 days past your due date?? That’s just crazy!! Love the picture of the two of you.


  4. Happy Birthday to Alexis!


  5. What a great story our first born hold a special place in out hearts…………..well mine does………………..hope Alexis had a bloody great birthday…………23 days late though you can have that, my second daughter was 14 days late and I felt like she was never going to be born……….


  6. I kind of felt the same way too Joanne — but I knew she’d eventually come out — in her own good time… and then, she had no choice. 🙂


  7. I have just enjoyed celebrating the birth of my second grand-daughter and so this post of the emotions felt in the birth of a child resonates with me.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter, and Congratulations to you on the wonderful 27 years you have shared with her.
    Love the photo of the two of you.


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