Miracles at Work

One of the things Kerry Parsons asked me the other day was, “When do you feel most connected?”

My answer flowed without hesitation from my heart, “When I am immersed in the creative process. Be it writing, painting, or any type of creative endeavour.” And then, I paused and added, “And when I am coaching at Choices.”

This morning, I shall begin the gift of five amazing days to be immersed in the Choices seminar room. It is a beautiful time of watching hearts break open, minds expand and spirits learn to soar free again. It is a healing time. A time to connect with others in the delicate dance of being a light for others to find their way into their hearts so they can remember their true magnificence. As I said to a friend the other day when we were talking about what it means to live on purpose, “My belief is we come into this world as miracles of life. We are born magnificent and then, we forget. Life happens. Time and space and circumstances intercede and disconnect us to our birthright. We grow up forgetting who we are born to be and then, spend the rest of our lives trying to remember what it is we forgot.”

At Choices, I get to be part of miracles unfolding with every breath. I get to immerse myself in the ultimate of creative experiences of witnessing hopes and dreams and a sense of wonder and awe awakening in every person in the room.

It is an exciting time. A time to pay attention, to be present, to be of service. it is a time of miracles.

And, it is also a time of long days, short nights, fast sleeps.

It is unlikely I will be posting here in the next few days — unless of course I get home and am so excited by all that I’ve witnessed through the day I can’t sleep and decide the only way to get it out is write it out!

In the event that happens, I’ll see you here!  If not, I’ll see you Monday morning.

May you remember your magnificence. May you know you are a miracle. May you feel the wonder and awe of life expressing itself through your beauty and grace with every breath you take.


6 thoughts on “Miracles at Work”

  1. Thank you as always, you have inspired a reflection I hope to have time to write this afternoon. Your reminder is timely and important and I am trying to take it onboard. Hope that your five days of being in that place of miracles is both challenging and enlightening (in lots of good ways!), I will be away in Wales over the weekend supervising an expedition of young people doing their Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s award, I hope to reflect more on what you’ve awakened in me while I’m away.
    Take care xx


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