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All My Relations


Sometime ago I went for a Native Sweat Lodge ceremony and as each of us entered and left the sweat lodge we were asked to repeat, “And all my relations.”

On one level, that refers to my family, today and yesteryear.

On a deeper, more spiritually connected level, it resonated within me from that place that knows, I am a relational being and in all my relations, for there to be peace, I must measure everything I do and say from the perspective of how it affects, ‘all my relations’ with the world around me.

Inside of me is a little girl who likes to play peek-a-boo with my world. She comes out in moments of fear. She peeks out in moments of confusion and when I see her peeking out, when I feel her fear, I run back to gather her up so that she won’t have to deal with whatever it is that has triggered her to come forward. I tell myself I must protect her and shield her from the harsh realities that sometimes appear too grim and dismal on my horizon today. And in my haste to avoid whatever the confrontation is in front of me, I sweep her up and race back into the darkness believing that if I can just get her away from whatever is distressing me today, she’ll be okay, and thus, so will I.

My heart knows the truth.

What my little girl needs to feel safe and secure is for me to stand true in my world today. To feel safe, she needs me to turn up in all my authenticity, integrity and truth today and be my true self so that she doesn’t have to peek out from the shadows of the past looking for reassurance in today.

Not always easy when a five-year old is controlling my thinking and my doing!

Healing that little girl inside of me has been a lifelong journey. It is part of the road of self-development of self-discovery and exploration. Part of my mission to understand me ahs been to create a safe and courageous space for my little girl to be happy, where ever I am in the world.

Knowing who I am and how I am in the world is important.

But it is not an end unto itself.

The bigger picture, the greater goal is to understand how I relate to the big world all around me. It’s about doing, being, playing, seeing my part in healing, supporting, loving all my relations with the world around me. If I am to be of service to the world, I must come from a place within me that loves all my relations. If I am to create a world of beauty, wonder and awe for all the world to be free, I must know who I am and how I am in  relation to the world.

It isn’t all about me.

It is all about me AND what I do in the world that ripples out to touch you and you and you and you. It’s all about my relations.

Like a child in a game of peek-a-boo who believes when she closes her eyes the everything and everyone outside vanishes, when I close my eyes, even though I think the beauty and the wonder of the world is all gone, it continues to exist. It continues to shine.  It is just in that moment of closing my eyes I cannot see it.  my mind would have me believe in that moment of darkness there is nothing for me to connect to. It would have me believe there is a world of danger, fear, angst for me to run away from.

My heart knows.

There is nothing for me to fear when I am not trying to stand as an island. There is nothing to run away from when I accept with a loving and knowing heart, I am not Alone.

I am connected. My life is lived in relation to the world around me. My ripple touches yours and yours touches theirs and in those connections we create the lives we live and the world around us.

And in the lives we live, we create relationships that cause our hearts to beat in fear or sing out in joy.

I open the eyes of my heart and see the beauty and the wonder of the world all around me and my heart sings.

My heart knows the truth. My heart is wise. Beauty. Love. Wonder. Joy. Awe. They are everywhere. Infinite. Forever. Powerful beyond my wildest imaginings. My heart knows.

And that little girl within knows too. She knows she is safe when I stand in the wisdom of my heart and sing out for joy that All My Relations are founded in Love.

Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe we each have the capacity to be the change we want to see in the world, to make a world of difference. I believe we are creative beings on the journey of our lifetimes. It's up to each of us to Live It Up and SHINE!

7 thoughts on “All My Relations

  1. I loved this! I think this should be a talk YOU give somewhere! Young people should hear your message. If you have read my things for long… you know I am all about working on freeing my inner child as well!!! I have loved the process of setting her free. I think that is why aging has smacked me in the face harder than it might have. But that wasn’t my point.
    When I was reading this… I remembered a dream I used to have as a very little girl!!! So weird cuzzz I was still in my very first house when I started having it. And had it enough times that I remembered it but never have had it since moving and we moved when I was four!!!!
    But I would come home alone (at that age your parents didn’t just leave you anywhere so not sure what that was about) anywaaay, I would be in my house looking for my parents who were not home and go around the neighborhood trying to find them at people’s houses that I knew in my neighborhood. Even at that young age without ever having experienced being abandoned I was fearing it! Crazy that this post of yours made me think of that!
    As always you prompt lots of feelings when you post! A connection I have with your writing that resonates more than most
    Thank you!


    • Collin Tipping has an interesting process in his book, Radical Forgiveness, where you actually bury your inner child — it is stunningly powerful and beautiful…. 🙂

      Your dream, btw, resonates with me too. I have ‘searching’ dreams too. Thelma Box, who founded Choices, the program I coach in, once gave me feedback that absolutely woke me up — “I experience you as a woman who will never find an answer good enough for you.” Ouch! So true — in my constant searching, I was missing savouring what I already knew!

      Hugs Di.


  2. Ooh, those pesky inner children. So far I haven’t succeeded in convincing my five-year-old that she’s safe even when standing in the middle of love, with heart open… Sounds like yours has learned to trust. Beautifully put.


  3. Haha — pesky they are! Mine is learning and I am growing into a place she can feel trusting enough to stay in the garden and play! 🙂


  4. Love the way you explain stuff that I’m experiencing. You put words to the feelings and I have clarity. This post went “B-O-N-GGGG” inside me. Thank you Louise, thank you.


  5. Love this post, with a love that is true.


  6. I love your skill with words, and I LOVE your skill with ideas.


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