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The Way Is Not In My Head


I am supposed to be deep in my morning meditation when I realize… I am reconstructing yesterday’s interview on CBC and saying all the things I wanted to say and didn’t!

Breathe. Repeat my mantra. Begin again.

I continue only to find myself a few minutes later dreaming of squirrel retribution. The dastardly devils ate my daisies yesterday and dug up one of my potted plants, again. Immersed in pleasant thoughts of how I rid my life of their pesky presence, I forget about my meditation until I realize, once again, I’ve veered from my course.

Breathe. Repeat my mantra. Begin again.

Sigh. It is always this way when I return to my practice. My mind is easily swayed, easily pulled from silence into active engagement with my thinking.

And I… Breathe. Repeat my mantra. Begin again.

It’s not just in meditation that this happens. It appear in my life too. My thinking gets in the way of my being and becoming and living my truth. instead of eating right, my thinking says, “Oh go for it. One (fill in the blank with any calorie, sugar-infused, fat laden item of your choice) won’t hurt.”

I look at my running shoes sitting in the corner calling me to give them a workout and my thinking says, “You’re too tired. Start tomorrow.”

Avoidance strengthens fear. It also keeps me tied to the couch, surfing channels I don’t want to watch, eating bonbons i don’t need to consume and playing spider solitaire.

Breathe. Repeat my mantra. Begin again.

It is the way. To find myself out-of-the-way of where I am going, only to return again to the path.

Buddha said, The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.

it’s also not in my head. The way is in my heart.

I don’t have to look up, down, out or all around me, all I have to do to find myself, to see my light, to discern my path is to look within. And there it is. Always.

Alberta Einstein wrote, God always takes the simplest way.

And that’s the problem with my thinking. It is seldom satisfied with simple.

My thinking likes to complicate, second guess, undermine, minimize or over-inflate, and trip me up with its constant judgements and criticisms. My heart knows the way.

And the way is not through doubt and fear. The way is always through Love.

I lost myself in meditation this morning. In losing myself I found myself once again right back where I belong. I found myself again in that place where I know peace, joy, contentment and Love are always present. I found myself in my heart.

Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe we each have the capacity to be the change we want to see in the world, to make a world of difference. I believe we are creative beings on the journey of our lifetimes. It's up to each of us to Live It Up and SHINE!

9 thoughts on “The Way Is Not In My Head

  1. LG

    sometimes a typo can give us a great belly laugh .. or maybe you were being patriotic?

    Alberta Einstein …. who knew?



  2. Ha! My thinking could be a cousin to yours… even the spider solitaire… preferably with a cookie… when I should be doing kundalini yoga… or meditating.


    • Oh wow Leigh! I hadn’t thought of a cookie while indulging in spider solitaire! Oh no… another vice. 🙂

      So nice to know we’re related.


      • I’m also a Gallaher on my mother’s side — according to various histories that may or may not link up somewhere in the distant past with the extra “g” version. So we might be 10th cousins or something!


  3. You are not alone many of us do that try and breathe and clear our minds only to find the most annoying things popping up in there


  4. LOL — thanks Joanne — I like your company!


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