Taking care of myself.

It is an interesting observation. When I worked at the homeless shelter, after the first year, I seldom got sick. The first year — well that was a different story. I pretty well had a cold a month. But after that, not a one. It was as if my immune system figured out what it needed to do to protect me from viruses and a sea of people who were constantly sick, and strengthened itself.

Almost two years away from that place… and my immune system has gone to sleep in the comfort of not being subjected every day to viruses and coughs and colds.

Which is why, today’s blog is brief.

It’s all about taking care of yourself. It’s about giving yourself medicine first so you can take care of others.

Some bug has decided to take up residence in my stomach and as long as I stay still and quiet, it doesn’t act out. But… the minute I move around? Well, let’s just say it’s hyperactive!

A good lesson though. I thought about going into the office, thought about all the things I should be doing and my ‘the bug’ said, ‘I’m in control of you! I decide when you move!’

which means, I’m laying low today. I’ve brought my laptop to bed, opened the blinds so I can watch the birdies at the feeder in the backyard and will heed my bodies call for rest.

In the meantime, here’s a wonderful video that will inspire, challenge and get you going today! Live your greatness. Live your dreams. Live on the wild side! Live!

And don’t forget to Play! Β Don’t forget to have fun!


13 thoughts on “Taking care of myself.

  1. I’ve found that every time I ignore messages to rest or lie low I catch something. It’s taken me a long time to decide I’d rather take a nap and meditate while healthy.. And yet I still ignore the message sometimes. Sorry to hear you got a time out the hard way!


  2. LG,

    Hope you are feeling better. Here’s a suggestion for your … no risk of infecting anyone. I went to see SALINGER last night. 10 people in a theatre that could hold 400 … fascinating



  3. Wow! Where have I been?! Louise it’s absolutely wonderful to catch up with you and all your inspiring posts. I’ll keep this blog closer on my radar to stay current but this ‘catch up’ has sure started my day in a wonderfully inspired state. Thanks so much! Blessings, Gina


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