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making miracles begins with me!


Wakefulness stirred my mind turning my thoughts to my gratitude list as my body prepared to arise from its place of rest. Thoughts of yesterday, of the gifts, the joys and also the trials and tribulations floated through my mind, reminding me to be grateful for all that I have received, experienced and known. Not just the censored version of my list, but the complete and unabridged version. The one where I am thankful for the missteps as well as the leaps. The one where I find value in the upsets and not just the set ups that went right.

In her book, Make Miracles in Forty Days, Melody Beattie shares “The Miracles Exercise” as a path to finding and receiving what you want in what you’ve got in life. Her prescription to be grateful for the not so happy circumstances that block you from feeling gratitude is a sure-fire way to release resentments, bitterness, anger, unforgiveness and hatred from your life to welcome in what you want to receive. “When Life gives us something, receiving it becomes the lesson,” she writes. “Whatever Life gives us is ours.”

Which got me to thinking about, what did I not want to receive yesterday. Well, there’s  that conversation with the woman at the parking payment machine yesterday morning. Let me start by saying… Parking in our city is expensive!  Why, just yesterday as I parked in the lot where I normally park a woman walked up and asked, “How much is this lot for the day?”  “Fourteen dollars,” I informed her. “What? that’s robbery,” she said and she went on to vent for a few moments about the cost of parking downtown — especially in a lot that is at the far western edge of the downtown core. “Why I could park a few blocks over and pay the same thing. Who do they think they are to charge so much? I only park here for the walk. It’s good for me.”

And I found myself buying into her ire. Gravitating towards her negativity as I let go of my desire to enter my day with grace and ease.

It’s so easy, to lose sight of grace and ease when faced with something as mundane, yet irritating, as paying for parking. And in the act of succumbing to the negative, I fill my world with all the things I don’t want. I collude in my own unease.

What’s with that?

According to Melody Beattie, it’s all about finding value in all things. “Whatever life gives us is ours.”

So… is parking ire mine?

What if I don’t want it?

Time to practice the Miracle Exercise.

I am grateful for expensive parking.

Hmmm…. that’s judgemental. The parking fees are a fact. They are what they are.

Dig deeper.

Well, there is the matter of that parking ticket I got in the mail yesterday. I definitely didn’t want to receive it. And here’s the challenge, it’s the second parking ticket I’ve received in the past two weeks — which means I am not only paying $14 a day for my parking — on the days when I parked at a meter, I’m now over-paying, especially if I don’t pay the fine within the subscribed period of time — the price doubles and then triples! So what’s it really about? Seriously. what’s that all about.

I reach inside my gratitude bucket and begin to write it out.

I am grateful today for the parking ticket I received in the mail. It ticks me off that the new system doesn’t allow me to know when I get the ticket in the moment. It means the ticket will arrive in the mail days later and I’ll have to relive the anxiety I felt when I forgot to plug my meter days before. Not remembering to plug the meter is a habit that disrupts my peace of mind. Maybe it’s really about sticking to my commitment to use public transit more. Maybe the fact there is street parking available is something to be grateful for, and not take so lightly I forget to plug it, or maybe the truth is it’s a wilful ignoring of the rules for me. In my wilful ignoring I am acting out in small ways that disrupt my peace of mind. I get to choose how I do the small things in my day — how I do one thing is how I do all things. Remembering to plug my meter is a small act of defiance that does not become me. I don’t need it.

I am grateful today for this reminder to do all things in my life with integrity. Thank you ticket giver for reminding me of the need to walk with integrity in all ways.

“Learning to accept, receive, appreciate, and enjoy what we create and what we’re given is like any other lesson: until we learn it, it won’t stop.” (pg 7. Melody Beattie. Make Miracles in Forty Days)

I am 100% accountable for what I allow, promote and create in my life.

In allowing myself to be irritated by parking fees, and then, not following the rules, I am promoting discord in my day and creating angst. — not to mention a seeping away of financial resources to a cause I have no desire to support!  Parking tickets.

To live with integrity means I must do the right thing — no matter the cost. And in this case, not doing the right thing is costing me a lot of unncessary cash, and ire.

It is my choice to create harmony in my world, in all things, in all ways. Doing things that promote discord does not serve me, or my world.

I choose to be aligned with my higher calling. I choose to embrace harmony and let go of what I don’t want.


My day is brighter now.

Thanks for listening! thanks for being part of my journey. I am grateful for your presence.



The Miracle Exercise is well worth the ten minutes a day it takes to create your list. I’ll write more about it tomorrow.  Until then —  Be a light in the world. Shine Bright!

Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe we each have the capacity to be the change we want to see in the world, to make a world of difference. I believe we are creative beings on the journey of our lifetimes. It's up to each of us to Live It Up and SHINE!

13 thoughts on “making miracles begins with me!

  1. This was a good reminder for me as well! I tend to get sucked in and it really only hurts me. I buy retail for our spa. Usually just purses and jewelry and scarves etc…Everything was good but one of the zippers on one of the purses did not work. I even tried to you tube it and see if I could figure out how to fix it myself. No such luck. It was kaput. Having never returned anything before, I read their policy and was already ticked off before I even called… as I found in very small print that there woud be a 25% restocking fee plus I’d have to pay for shipping! Sooo let me see here… YOUR item is damaged but I have to be punished for it or just shut up? Anyway, I tried to have an attitude of grace when I called and you could tell that she had a problem with her company’s policy as well. She offered me a credit and told me not to return the item but be aware of the policy in the future.
    So it all worked out for me but I have to in turn, order from a company that basically does not stand behind their products. Though I am fully warned sooo if I do order again… I have both good and bad experience with them.
    My daughter got a ticket for parking twenty minutes in a two hour parking area. THAT is just wrong! She lives in Los Angeles so the only thing I can think is that they are dishonest crooks or maybe she had a chalk mark from another time??
    I got a ticket for something while I was visitint that was totally bogus and wrote a letter even talking about my daughters bogus ticket and believe it or not… I had to pay it with my letter of dispute but actually got a refund for $50 a few months later! (And my daughter said she tried to fight hers by writing a letter! Hmmm anyway I was happy with my justice!)
    Now… several months ago… I got a speeding ticket. I drive from a gated lake community to town everyday and one way can either take 20-30 minutes on a good day or 45 or more on a bad one. I passed someone right at the time I was being clocked. I have to admit that I was getting a little reckless and I felt I deserved the ticket… Sometimes you just have to look at somethings as an expensive lesson… that God is sparing you a tragedy… by allowing a reminder. 😉
    Great post! You always inspire me to think and relate!
    Sorry I took up so much space!


    • I love that you shared your experience in this space Di! it is through sharing our hope, strength and experience (as they say in AlAnon) that we inspire others to related, and to think and to explore how they too can grow. You also made me smile — parking is such an issue all over North America!


  2. $14, for the day?

    What a great bargain!

    Yes, parking is expensive here. And our quality of life, dynamic community ….

    Yes, business is good.

    Nice to hear you quoting Melody Beattie – her book ‘Codependent No More’ made a huge difference in my world about 27 years ago. I’ve bought and given away many copies.

    Yes, those tickets in the mail are annoying ….. so much easier to ‘feed the meter’ … always a better investment!



  3. Thank you for sharing your lessons! xo


  4. Enjoyed sharing working through your thoughts, plugging away towards integrity via gratitude. My experience is that the more I look for things to be grateful for — even in the worst circumstances — the easier gratitude becomes. And the happier I have become. I also like your determination to LEARN something from any trial. Eventually, you will become even grateful for the trials, and see them as opportunities to grow. (At least, that has been the transformation that has taken place in my life!)


    • What a wonderful transformation Susan. For a year and a half two friends and I practiced the Miracle Exercise everyday — and it definitely opened up so many beautiful and breath-taking vistas of the power of gratitude to change my world. Hugs


  5. Parking here is expensive, well in town it’s expensive a person can pay $20-30 for a day in the local shopping center it is free for the first 3 hours then it starts at I think $6 going up to $15 not that I have had to pay for parking there in a long time seniors can get 5 hours free parking so my mum will validate my ticket and dad will do theirs although I am usually out of their within the 3 hours.


  6. I bet there are parking stories from all over the world Joanne — your mall charges for parking? Wow — mall parking is still free here!


  7. Ha ha.. Love this post. I like the comment of making “a wilful ignoring of the rules”. That is me all over and I originally became like that (in my twenties) with the thought that it was laid-back and easy-going whereas, as you say, it leads to much angst and time-wasting!. Just do not EVER park in a disabled zone. The fines for that are HUGE 🙂
    have a great weekend


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