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We don’t know what is possible until we do.


So…. here’s the deal. As the New Year approaches, my mind expands into what could be, might be, is possibly possible if I let go of what I know and create space for the unknown.

In the process of thinking about gifts for friends and family, I wanted to give them something that would inspire grace in everyday living. I’d recently worked with the team at the Foundation where I work on mini-cards with statistics about homelessness printed on them and thought… what if… I create mini-cards with acts of grace on them? It was an idea but I wasn’t sure how it would translate into reality.  Which meant, I had to explore the possibility. And so I did. With little idea on how I was going to do it, I set out to fulfil on my desire to give gifts that inspired Acts of Grace in everyday living.

Here’s how it goes.

Step 1:  I need a new name for this website/blog come the New Year and thought… well… I like to encourage myself and others to do things for others why not play on the idea of Acts of Grace? It is now official. I am the proud owner of http://www.inspiringactsofgrace.com  which is what A Year of Rejoicing will become on January 1, 2014 (the url will still be here, you won’t have to go somewhere else, it’s just the name etc. will change)

Step 2: Oh right. If I’m going to create cards that suggest what ‘The Acts’ are that people can take every day, I need to create the cards! Hmm. Design. Create the Acts of Grace. 50 of them. Plug them into the design. Get them printed. Yup. Easy. And now…  Voila! Fini! Acts of Grace to Inspire Everyday Living.

Step 3: I need to get the cards printed. Easy-peasy. Moo.com prints these lovely little mini cards with a template and everything to make the physical part of my creation as easy as… baking a pie… washing a car… tying your shoes… (you get the picture).

‘The Acts’ as I like to call them, are 50 mini cards that state one thing you can do today to make a difference — for yourself, for someone you know, in the life of a stranger, in your community. They’re simple, easy to accomplish and while not all acts are ‘free’, they freely give you a sense of being connected, part of something, like you are making a difference.

Each card contains one simple idea on something you can do to create a ripple of difference in your world today — like   Smile at strangers where ever you go today.    or   Pick up garbage you see on the sidewalk today and throw it away properly. Keep your heart soft.    or    Spend 1 hour completely alone in total silence today. Listen to your heart beat.   or    Buy a book of transit tickets and donate it to a homeless shelter today.   or   Sign the organ donor card on the back of your driver’s license. Keep it in your wallet.

On Monday evening, the cards arrived in the mail from Moo.com, the supplier I used to print the cards. On one side of the card is an image I created from one of my paintings, on the other, one Act of Grace. 50 cards. 50 Acts of Grace.

Yesterday, in a quest to find an appropriate container for the cards, I stopped in at one of my favourite ‘card/novelty stores and found pretty little cloth bags. Perfect. While I was there, I asked one of the owners if they would be interested in carrying something like my Act of Grace cards. She took one look and said, Yes! These are delightful.

Hmmm…. really?

How much are you selling them for?

Ummmm… well, I don’t know. I hadn’t actually created them with the intention of selling them, but, now that you ask… Retail$19.95

Sounds great, she said. Can you call back tomorrow, my partner who is in charge of buying will be in. I’ll recommend she take a look.

Seriously. It was that easy.

From an idea to a store interested in carrying my cards… being open to possibility and taking action is all it took.

My intent now is to actually make the cards available for purchase online as well as in her store.

Easy. Peasy.

I’ve already got an online store on my website. Not a big deal to add the cards and let ‘er go.

and… the 8 sets of cards I already ordered? Well… they were supposed to be for gifts but several people already want them! So, my first reorder is in the works.

Not bad for an idea I didn’t even know I had just a couple of weeks ago!

And the reason I’m telling you all this? Well, obviously, I want everyone to order cards and get inspired to commit an Act of Grace every day (but they’re not yet up on my website so don’t go there!)

But seriously. It’s because I believe we all need to be encouraged and inspired to keep listening to the inner voice that whispers of possibility and potential. We each need to remember to create space for what we don’t know is doable, possible, achievable when we let go of our belief we already have all the answers.

Look what happened for me. I went in search of an idea to create a gift for friends and family. In its making, I’ve opened up a whole new world of possibility.

Pretty cool for a girl who didn’t have a clue what she was going to create this Christmas!  🙂

Oh. And just to tease you a little bit …

Here’s the design that’s on the flip side of each Act of Grace card… (the cards are half the size of a regular business card and the paper stock is a little bit heavier and glossier. On the reverse side, the cards are all bright primary colours with white printing — really pretty and cheerful!)


title black type copy


Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe we each have the capacity to be the change we want to see in the world, to make a world of difference. I believe we are creative beings on the journey of our lifetimes. It's up to each of us to Live It Up and SHINE!

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  1. Looks beautiful — and what a great idea!


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