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There is no box.


It happens every year. A page of the calendar turns and a New Year begins and in its arrival, we look back to find the markers for where we went off track, stayed the course or simply held still throughout the year. We make a list of things we want to do, achieve, create in the year to come and set off with good intentions.

Two years ago, I began this blog with the intention of writing about something that made a difference everyday in my life. It could be something I did or someone else did, some one I met or heard about, or something I learned that touched me and made me different, or made the world a better place.

Last year I focused on rejoicing in the difference and, as you will see by this year’s title, I’ve switched it up again and moved from focussing on difference making to the art of boldly living on the brave side of life outside the box.

Life is the art of daring to colour outside the lines. To get outside my comfort zone, I must dare boldly.  I must set myself free of self-judgments and limited thinking that would hold me captive to playing it small and safe. To live bravely I must dare to leap beyond the comfort of the familiar to take the road less travelled.

There is no box outside my comfort zone. No four walls that define me, no pre-conceived condition for the journey. There is only the daring to find my unique path, my authentic creative expression.

There is no box.

No matter how fast I may hold to the notion that there is comfort in the familiar, to dare boldly I must seek my answers in the realm of the unknown. I must breathe into the possible without constraining my thinking by the impossible, without limiting my actions by the known.

I will be challenged by this. I will be shaken up, twisted and contorted. It is not comfortable outside the invisible markers of ‘the box’. This is no man’s land. Unknown territory. In my fear of stepping out, of leaping blindly, I will want to turn back, to grasp onto or not let go of what I know. I will seek the comfort of the familiar to hide my fear the magic and wonder that can happen when I am free-styling through life.

These things I know about myself. These things I know I will attempt to do to keep myself from moving too far away from the guideposts of my well-worn path. It’s not that this path is awful, or bad, or even unsuitable. It’s just, I know that in playing it safe within ‘the box’ of my qualified life, I hold myself back from fearless creative expression.

And I want to express myself fearlessly and fiercely. And I can’t do that inside a box. I can’t express myself fully inside the lines.

These are things I know.

What I don’t know is what is possible when I let go of ‘the known’ to allow magic and wonder to be my guides. What I can’t see is what can appear when I stop looking for what I recognize and make room for intuition to grace my every moment.

I’m on a journey.

Like explorers of old I don’t have a map but I am well-equipped for this journey. There are my markers I know I must hold true to — my values and principles that I cannot compromise on. I know that no matter what, no matter where I go, I must commit acts of grace in everyday living. Small acts that contribute to creating a kinder, more caring, loving and compassionate world where ever I go. I know that I must live with integrity, speak my truth, be present and stay unattached to the outcome. I know that I must create better. Be fair and do no harm.

And I know that I must be loving and kind.

I am excited. I hope you will join me as I travel this road unknown. I hope that in our journeying together we will discover what it means to Dare boldly and live bravely.

And in the process, I hope that together, we’ll find the difference we make creates a world we all want to live in.




Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe we each have the capacity to be the change we want to see in the world, to make a world of difference. I believe we are creative beings on the journey of our lifetimes. It's up to each of us to Live It Up and SHINE!

15 thoughts on “There is no box.

  1. I am with you! I LOVE it!


  2. Louise,

    Lovely ambitous thoughts – wish you well.

    And thanks for the stimulation. I was wresting a bit with some thoughts from yesterday as I was writing my column this morning – and you helped them gel.

    I subscribe to there being a box.

    We can think outside it.

    But also, we need to look at what is going on inside the box, inside our habits, assumptions, routines and the ‘givens’ in our lives which might not be as sure, as comfortable or as clear as we think they are.

    I wish you continued good health and good writing.




    • I don’t disagree that we believe there is a ‘box’ — but it is figurative. It doesn’t actually exist which means, our minds created it. 🙂

      Same to you Mark. May 2014 bringing you all good things. Hugs


  3. Be strong and very courageous! I have jumped onto the one-word wagon and have chosen tenacity as my word. I am also wading into unknown waters. Perhaps an opportunity to work on a project together this year might present itself?
    Diana xo


  4. Louise , once again I am moved by your blog. Living outside the box is so important to me as it has allowed me to experience some of the most amazing things I would never had if I had played safe and coloured within the lines. As one mess after another lands on my doorstep I have had to work hard to stay positive and your blogs help me so much just reading how alive you are and how much you get done in a day. Good grief you are busy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


    • Your courage and boldness shimmer Pam!

      I think that as we ‘work hard’ to stay positive, it becomes a habit and the work tapers and the being increases!

      BTW — if you are in California in the Napa valley — slip across the highway to the Russian River Valley — small boutique wineries, lovely people. Healdsburg is absolutely delightful! And The Rivers End restaurant on the coast at the edge of the Russian River where it meets the Pacific is delightful!

      Safe and fun and fascinating journies to you Pam! Hugs


  5. Thinking of what my one word for the coming year might be,
    Not sure yet,
    Will let you know when it appears. xx


  6. Hello Louise, my name is Homero, I am currently living in Colombia, South america, for some reason I don´t no why, in the past 11 years my life suffer hundreds of drastic changes in my life, from losing my first marriege, losing the oisibility to be with my son who lives in LA, California, lose my house and properties and ended being deported back to my country with nothing else than the clothes i was wearing , after whatchoing your video and seeing how much an individual can change or affect someone elses life, I have nothing els than agree word by word what you have said, nothing holds better that love and specially your family, if it comes from the people arround you and people that is not afraid to go forward, inspiring story of tenacity is what you for sharing with every onethank you so much for all your strength a good advises, Live is for the braves not for the cowards, hope we can communicate one day soon, love to share my own expiriences with your group


  7. Not only living outside the box.. there is no box! I love it! Here’s to a year to dare boldly and live bravely. Thank you for this excellent encouragement! Your enthusiasm for life is infectious and I am with you. Cheers, Gina


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