No small significance

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On the weekend, I had the gift of spending two days with the brilliant Kerry Parsons and 9 other people as we explored Seasons of the Heart — The age-old tradition of taking time at the beginning of a New Year to reflect on what really matters and what lies ahead, opens the possibility – the heart and hope for a new beginning. Seasons of the Heart  is a Mindfulness journey to your heart of hearts…your true self…your soul…where what really matters to you…what is essential for your well being waits for you.

On Sunday afternoon, as we dug into the question, “What do I give my power to?” I found myself on the other side of my comfort zone. In that place where I came face to face with my fear that unless I’m actively out there ‘making a difference’, making it happen, changing the world, I don’t matter.

It just ain’t true.  No matter how hard my head wants me to believe otherwise. My heart knows.

My heart knows the truth and on Sunday, it leapt into the void of self-doubt that would have me believe to make a difference in the world I have to keep on doing and doing and doing.

The truth my heart knows is that it’s not in my doing I make the difference. It’s in my being. My difference.

Each of us came into this world with our DNA pre-coded in difference-making. Because each of us has a completely unique, perfectly beautiful set of DNA. Isn’t that amazing? Each of every one of the 6 billion some odd people in this world, walking around right now on planet earth, has a completely unique and different set of DNA that speaks to the heart and soul and matter of who we are.

Our difference isn’t made up in what we do. It’s in who we are. And who we are matters.

We are each different, unique, special.  The things we do. What we contribute. Create. Bestow. Value. It all makes a difference. Not because it all has significance, (it does but that’s a whole other matter), it has significance because we are the difference-makers. We are each of us different — and our difference matters.

The Seasons of the Heart journey is about discovering our wholeness. It’s not about throwing out or even changing what doesn’t work, it’s about living in the space of all of it and knowing — it all matters because we matter. What we do. Say. Think. Feel. Matters. Not because it makes a difference in the world, but because, it makes us different. It either creates the more of who we want to be, or the less. Our choice. Our decision.

And when I give my power to believing I have to keep doing, doing, doing, I undermine my value, my worth and belief in who I am.

When I give my power to celebrating my significance exactly the way I am, who I am takes precedence over what I do. I can keep doing,  it’s an important element of how I express myself. It’s not the difference though. The difference is in who I am. And I am me and you are you and each of us matter. Each of us makes a difference as we are, not in what we do.

Who we are is the greatest difference we can live.

Because, who we are matters.

I matter. You matter. Every single one of us matters. And when we live our lives as though we matter to ourselves and to each other, we create a world of difference for everyone to experience the wonder and awe of the miracle of life in each of us.

And that’s no small significance. That’s big!

12 thoughts on “No small significance”

  1. I have just resubscribed to your wonderful daughter’s new blog but I probably won’t be able to keep up with your posts or hers – argh. But I will try! In the meantime, how the hell do you remain so positive? I do too for the most part but am in a heap of despair tonight.


    1. Hugs Julie — My daughter recently wrote how I can find the value in all things. I think there is value in sadness and joy — so, I allow myself to experience both. And no matter where I’m at, I let joy find me there.

      I learned a wonderful process long ago about acknowledgement. when I’m feeling frightened or sad or happy or anything, the statement is: Oh look. Sadness is here. Welcome. Joy is here. Welcome. Fear is here. Welcome. Uncertainty is here. Welcome.

      Name all that is present and then, keep breathing and all that is present to exist without claiming them as me.

      May your heart be light. May your spirit be eased by the knowing that in your acknowledging where you’re at tonight, someone else is there with you. Holding the light. Sharing their strength. I see you. I am here.

      Hugs Julie.


  2. Thank you for this Louise! It is a topic that has been on my mind lately. Your words “the void of self-doubt that would have me believe to make a difference in the world I have to keep on doing and doing and doing” put a name to a nagging fear that I have been dealing with. As you say in your comments to jmgoyder, it is important to name our fears in order to master them, and you have helped me do that today. I am not a “doer”.


  3. What a brilliant post. “it’s not in my doing I make the difference. It’s in my being. ”
    This has been something I have been thinking of for a long time (years actually) yet so often I get swept away by the ‘doing’ that I forget to work on the ‘being’ side of me. Thanks for the reminder.


  4. I am finally catching up on your blog after my week away at Choices. I want to share with you my word for 2014. Last year you lead me to Abbey of the Arts and my 2013 word “HEAL” was an amazing intention to cultivate. This year’s word is “FEEL”.

    let it out, into the light, look at it, and let it go


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