When the muse calls… the answer is YES!

Art Journal Page 2 Sail Free
Art Journal Page 2
Sail Free

I painted with a group last night. Five of us in my studio. A team/building, let’s have fun outside the workplace exercise for our communications/fund development team at the Foundation where I work.

It was fun. And unstructured, or as C.C. likes to call my way of doing things, free stylin’. He particularly uses that term for my cooking, and in the case of our time together last night, I definitely was free stylin’ it with elan!

I’d set the tables and supplies up before everyone arrived with wine and snacks. We laid out the food on platters, carried it all downstairs and got to work. I showed everyone ideas on what is possible, we filled up our plates and glasses and got playing.

photo (38)What a blast! It was joy and laughter and sharing and teasing and checkin’ out what others were doing and well, it was just pure fun! Even Ellie got in on the action. She wandered around the room, laying her body down at the latest person’s feet who gave her food and, when no one was looking, she even managed to steal not one, not two, but three cheese buns from the source of Calgary’s best cheese buns, The Glenmore Bakery. 

Sigh. Note to self. Do not put food on Ellie level tables. She no longer has the moral persuasion to not steal it. But then, I’m not sure she’s ever had moral persuasion other than to consume whatever she sees when it comes to food!

All in all. It was an evening of great fellowship, team building and creation. Perfect!

For three hours we laughed and chatted and glued on images and painted over and glittered up and scraped away and toasted our creations with a sip of wine and allowed ourselves to play like children. Cutting and pasting and letting what happens happen.

photo (37)We didn’t solve homelessness. We didn’t put an end to poverty and though we didn’t find the answer to world peace, we did find peace with  each other by celebrating our differences, our uniqueness and our capacity to work together, and have fun! 

My studio became a creative hive last night where amidst the laughter and art-making, five people found themselves in that place where our human condition shines brightest at the core of our creative essence.


And… my technical glitch has been resolved (I learned something along the way too — use your saved filed to upload to Youtube, and don’t attempt to do it directly from Windows Movie Maker, strange things happen in that space).

Earlier this week, at the top of my post, No Small Significance, I shared a verse I’d written in my journal during the course I took last weekend. The next day I received an email from my amazing friend Max who liked the verse and had written a piece of music for it.

I recorded it, put it on Soundcloud and then, as I fell into sleep on Wednesday night, the thought slipped into my mind to set it to video.

So… I did.

When the muse calls… the answer is YES!


6 thoughts on “When the muse calls… the answer is YES!”

  1. indeed, collaboration produces surprises

    I’m particularly impressed by your video – music, words, pictures

    I wonder about your ‘reading’ … it strikes me as paced for the pictures rather than ‘as you would read it for meaning’

    I suggest, do a ‘take #2’ … room for improvement there – but wonderful inspiration for doing more of that (it triggers some ideas for me too)

    best wishes for your new-found expressions



  2. I missed the fact that the poem was by you. It is a fantastic poem and you present it so eloquently in the video clip.
    Most importantly, the message is one to take home.
    You are inspirational! Thanks for being you.


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