Go Canada Go!

The neighbour’s had their barbeque fired up. Steam rose into the dark. Traffic whizzed by. It was 4:30 am and we were on our way to meet friends at a local pub to watch the Men’s Gold Hockey game live.

Who would have thunk it? Me up and at ’em before the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning just to watch a hockey game!

I hadn’t intended to go. C.C. and my youngest daughter had organized to meet up with some of her friends and ours at a local pub where they’d made reservations. “I’ll come for the last period,” I said, just as I’d done for the semi-final play-off on Friday.

But this was different. This was the Gold and it was live at 5am. The anticipation of what Canada could or could not do was high. The sense of community, of being in it together, of national pride on the line vibrated in the air.

I couldn’t stay home and be a party pooper and I sure wasn’t prepared to watch it alone.

Plus, that little voice within me that likes to remind me life is an adventure keptwhispering, ‘Quit taking yourself so seriously Louise. You want to be part of the fun. The energy. The excitement. Get up and go!’

I got up. I got going. I went and saw and I’m glad I did.

When it was over C.C. and I invited everyone back to the house for breakfast. By 11, 2 lbs of bacon and his world famous crepes consumed, the first load was running through the dishwasher and we were all asleep again, catching up on the missed winks.

I’m glad I went. It was fun. Exciting. And I did feel part of the spirit of it all. I did feel part of something that brought our entire country together in the early morning hours.

And I can say today, I was there. I was part of it.

Instead of pulling my normal, well… I’m just not that all into hockey.

It is something I am learning. To feel part of things, I need to put myself into the action. When I don’t feel part of things, it’s not because I’m not welcome or invited. It’s usually because I keep myself separate. I set myself apart. I hold myself back.

Yesterday morning, I had an opportunity to stretch my fun muscles and be part of my community. We laughed and joked and took pictures and I even drank a beer at 6am, no less! (Getting a glass of water was out of the question. Our waitress who had finished her night shift at 3am was swamped and it was easier to pour a glass of beer from the jug than to ask for anything else!)

When my daughter and a friend arrived at the house for breakfast, her friend told us the waitress was in tears when he left. She had dropped two trays of drinks, messed up on some orders and was exhausted. We’d all over-tipped as she was obviously doing her best and simply could not keep up with the crowds – the pub was packed throughout the game. It was a scene that was repeated in many bars across the Province as owners tried to keep up with demand and staff their premises to be able to take advantage of the special license the Premier had granted on Friday allowing them to serve alcohol at 5am.

So here’s to the team — not just the hockey players but to the staff who came in, or didn’t go home after they finished their shifts, so that they could give the fans what they wanted. A fun and exciting environment to watch the game together and cheer on our country as one voice raised high in jubilation.

Go Canada Go!


5 thoughts on “Go Canada Go!”

  1. Sounds like a really great time! Congrats to Canada – though they beat Sweden, my second home you know. 😦

    I am always so inspired by how you take mundane moments and make them into beautiful life lessons. Thank you for being you!! xx


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