Where miracles explode with every breath – Choices

It is here again. That time when I get ready to step into the seminar room to be part of miracles unfolding all around.

Tomorrow morning begins another 5 day seminar at Choices. This evening, I begin the coaching session with a meeting of new coaches at the hotel where the seminar is held and then, tomorrow morning, bright and shiny we meet again with the whole team to prepare for the day.

Someone asked me recently why I volunteer so much time to the program. It was an easy question to answer. “Because it makes me a better human being. Because it gives me an opportunity to deepen my understanding of who I am and how I am in the world and, it reminds me that to live the life of my dreams I need to live on purpose, give back and dig into living my wow! for all I’m worth.”

If I had one wish for the world it would be that we could all spend 5 days in a seminar room digging into the amazing, magnificent and beautiful essence of our being who we are each born to be. I would want for everyone to experience an opportunity to take five days out from the busy and the doing to get into their being. To delve into the mystery and the miracle of what it means to be truly, deeply, madly in love with themselves and their lives.

Life can deliver up many hurdles. It can be busy. It can be hard. It can be rough. It can also, no matter the circumstances surrounding me, be a journey of love, compassion, truth and beauty — one I get to experience from the inside out, acting from my higher good calling me to rise up and shine.

We are all born into this world with a promise, a hope, a belief in the capacity of humankind to make a difference. And no matter our circumstances, no matter the conditions surrounding our birth, we are all miracles of life. Divine inspiration come alive in the presence of our humanity.

And then, life happens. Circumstances take over and the miracle of our life becomes clouded in the real world limitations of the humans around us. Wars happen. Poverty strikes. Desperation invades. Some of us have it easier than others. Some have such a rough road to travel we can’t imagine how they ever got beyond the limitations of their beginnings.

But we do, survive. Surpass. Overcome.

We do, breathe. Walk. Run. For some of us our mobility is hampered by physical limitations the rest of us cannot imagine. For others, our minds are limited by factors we do not understand or cannot cope with.

And still we survive. We struggle. We make do. We make happen.

For many of us, we reach a point where we can’t carry the burdens any longer and give into the fear and horror that this is all there is.

For many of us, we learn to take shallow breaths, to wall off our feelings, to build up our walls.

We are adaptive human beings and in the journey of our lives, we learn to adapt, and adopt, ways of being that keep us from feeling too deeply the sorrows and tragedies of our lives. We learn to cope. To rationalize and minimize the things that happened, the things that were done to us, or by us, so that we can keep taking one step after another. We drag our heels. We drag our hurts. We drag ourselves through each day believing if we can just get through this one, tomorrow may be another day, and maybe tomorrow will be different.

Fact is, nothing is different until we choose to do something differently. Until we learn to change our glasses, shift our perspectives, steer a different course, nothing really changes.

And that’s why I keep going back to Choices. In that room I am reminded that it doesn’t have to be ‘that way’. Possibilities for change, for different, for better are endless.

We each have the power to create the lives of our dreams — no matter our circumstances.

We just have to begin somewhere and for me, it begins with always reminding myself of the infinite possibilities of the miracle of our lives. And that’s what I experience in the Choices room. An opportunity to refresh my belief in our human condition, to share in the wonder of us all and to dig deep into my dreams and see once again the wonder and incredible beauty that life has to offer when I quit shuffling my feet, looking down at the ground and learn to lift my head and trust in myself enough to know, I can fly if only I dare to unfold my wings.

I’m off to coach at Choices for five days. See you next week!

18 thoughts on “Where miracles explode with every breath – Choices”

  1. I love the fact that you have given yourself to coach in this program. You have so much to give, and your wisdom, I mean wow! I’m guessing that it has come from your journey, although it is not the journey I would want to take, that has given you such a deep understanding of the human condition.

    This comes across in your presence. I listened to a message this morning from a Unity speaker from the Unity Church of Hawaii. He talked about how our presence can literally change the feeling in a room when we enter it. If I’m angry at someone and come into a room not only am I feeling angry and the person whom I’m angry at feels angry, but so do the witnesses. But if I enter the room with love and I reach out to someone with love the whole room feels this and responds.

    You fill the room at seminar with love, just by your presence. I suspect that your journey in life has given you this presence of love and understanding of humanity that I don’t have. This may sound odd, but I’m thankful for your journey. I know that it was unbearably hard and your life has continued challenges, but because of where you have come from you are on a different plain. You can see life from a different angel than I can see it from and therefore you can help me.

    We all need mentors. We need coaches. I am thankful that because of your story and the strength you have found you can coach future generations of ‘students’, if you will. My daughter starts her week at seminar tomorrow. I know that this experience will have a profound and deep life changing impact on her life.

    I cannot forget Kelcy. He has also had a profound impact on my life. I shared with you and him of some difficulties that were going on in my life. When I got off the found I experienced this presence almost life a fog encompass me. A voice from deep within me said simply: “Don’t you get it, I just love you.” I wish I could say it sounded like James Earl Jones but it didn’t. I just wept. It was overwhelming. It was profound. It was Divine. Spirit. God.

    I have gone to church most of my life but have left the church. I can honestly say that I have never felt love like anything I have experienced in that room at seminar. That was the feeling in my room after the ‘voice’ spoke to me. I am so thankful for you and the other coaches, you cannot even imagine.

    God bless you and I now you will be a blessing to everyone you come in contact with this week.


      1. Thanks for your kinds words. It seems after re-reading my post I need grammar and spelling lessons! Ah the learning never ends…lol


  2. Louise, my son is headed to Choices tomorrow. I am grateful that you are going to be in the room coaching. Much love and gratitude to you.


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