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The Truth About Me…


One of the commitments I make with myself when coaching at Choices is to be present. To be in the moment and of it. And while it is a commitment I make with all of my life, I am more conscious of the imperative and beauty of living in that space when surrounded by hearts breaking open in love and joy and harmony.

And sometimes, I forget.

Sometimes, something I hear or see or feel will trigger my critter’s fear and I will find myself suddenly in tears, feeling confused, frightened or even separate from the rest of the group. I am always grateful when one of my fellow coaches catches me in the act of falling and reminds me that the critter’s words are not the truth about me; they are the lies I tell myself to keep myself feeling safe when being at large in the world is overwhelming me.

There was a moment when my critter leapt into the fray and I spun out of control. “Louise,” asked one of my fellow coaches as they saw the tears welling in my eyes, “what tape is firing?”

I was grateful for their voice. It broke my reverie with dancing with the false truths my critter whispers in an unending litany in its hopes to drown out the real truth of who I am.

“I feel helpless,” I told my friend.

“Go deeper,” they prompted me.

“I don’t know what to do and I should. that’s my job.”

“Deeper still,” they said.

I took a breath and spoke through my tears. “I’m a failure.”

“That’s a tape.” my friend replied. “Stop it.”

And I did. In that moment, I got present and made the choice to breathe deeply, open up to expansion and stop the tapes firing. I shut the door on my critter and opened my heart.

I cannot save the world. I cannot change anyone’s path. I can only stand on my path and shine my light. I can’t open anyone’s eyes to see it. I can’t open anyone’s ears or their heart. All I can do is be my true self, be authentic and real and honest and compassionate and most importantly, Loving.

I can give my best and my best is good enough.

It was a beautiful lesson in humility. A loving reminder of how powerless I am over anyone else, other than myself. And in that reminder I was also gifted with the opportunity to witness the power of Love to touch hearts, open minds and set spirits free. I was given the opportunity to witness someone, many someone’s, step through their fear and SHINE.

I am grateful.

The ego is a crafty devil. It likes to masquerade as many things — and one of the favourites of my ego’s critter is to act like it has all the answers. Like it has the power to break through walls, tear down fortresses and heal wounded hearts.

When I am acting out from my tapes, those repetitive messages my mind likes to fire at me to convince me I really am weak, stupid, not good enough, unwanted, unloveable, I am willfully  holding onto untruths. I am making what other people are feeling, doing, saying, dealing with all about me. It’s not.

What is about me is how I respond. How I stand in my truth and stay present in the light of Love.

My critter acted out, as it likes to do, and tried to pull me off course. It wanted me to get down and dirty in the muck of its voice beating a fervent tattoo of lies that only I could hear.

I cratered for a moment. Broke my commitment to myself. Fortunately, a loving friend challenged me on my behaviour. A loving friend asked me to look in the mirror of the lies I was telling myself and speak the truth.

I am an alive and radiant woman.

In that place of truth, when I stand in the light and do not heed the seductive call of the darkness calling me under, I get to live my purpose to touch hearts, open minds and set spirits free. On purpose, I am the change I want to be in the world creating the more I want to have in my life — because in that place, I live my intention of creating an enlightened world of love, peace, harmony and joy.


Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe in wonder. I believe we are all magnificent beings of divine beauty. I believe we can make a difference in this world, through every act, word, thought. I believe we create ripples with everything we do and say and want to inspire everyone to use their ripple to create a better world for everyone. I'm grateful you're here.

18 thoughts on “The Truth About Me…

  1. I love it! Thank you Louise ❤


  2. You are so inspiring to others, Louise – I cannot thank you enough but (as everyone says to me!) look after yourself too. Give what you give to others to yourself. Oh hell that sounded really twee – sorry! xxx


  3. Sending heartfelt hugs as always. Good sharing. we’ve all been there. xoxo


  4. I love your vulnerability Louise, missed you in this space!
    Diana xo


  5. Sounds like you had an amazing 5 days at the “Adventure of a life time”. I will be coaching G2 in less than 3 weeks. Our team and group have been medicine to me. In January I uncovered a deeply buried tape: Undeserving. WOW!

    I’ve missed you and am happy that I could start my week with you this morning. I’m off to light my world.

    I am a vulnerable woman, hugging others with my laughter and love, empowering myself and others to honour our gifts.


    • Thank you Colleen! that is a disturbing tape to uncover isn’t it — but what power and joy in discovering it lurking — and what freedom! Woo Hoo!

      Enjoy G2 — let your light shine bright — and together, we’ll reach across the Rockies and light up the world! Hugs


  6. Thank you Louise. These are such good words to remember.


  7. that was powerful, Louise…..I needed these artful words tonight.
    thank you:)


  8. At my 60th birthday my 79 year old uncle commented how at milestones people tend to look back, or look at where one stands today, whereas what actually keeps you going and achieving is looking forward. The reason I say that is because several times in your post you speak of being present in the moment. Yet at the same time you speak of ‘commitment’, ‘change’ and ‘creation’ (which are all visions for the future). The great heroes of humanity (think Lincoln, Mandela) had clear visions for the future, for themselves and for the human race. I believe that in you too (ie: a great hero of humanity). However, I don’t think for a moment it is because you live for the moment. I believe it is because you own that rare quality of visualizing a better future and you continually stride towards that future.


    • Elizabeth, I love the clarity of your thinking and your ability to put it into words. I also appreciate how you have differentiated between being ‘in the moment’ and the words that speak to a vision of the future — because you’re right. My vision of the world is that we are kinder, more compassionate and that we are all standing in our own light, speaking our truth and holding space for the truth of others in a world where we shine fearlessly in Love. I also truly truly appreciate your vision of and for me. Thank you so very much my friend.


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