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It is Love that holds us up.


I am off today to that place where hearts awaken to hear the beat of their dreams calling them to break free.

I am off to be present to miracles shimmering on every breath as eyes open wide to the wonder and awe of their human condition.

I am off to be part of human beings digging deep into their story of what doesn’t work in their life so that they can discover the things that do work if they only let go of playing small and dive into living large.

I am off to coach at Choices and, as always happens when I prepare to walk into the room and stand in Love, I am excited.

It is such a privilege and a gift to be able to be in the room as much as I am. Being there fills my heart, it feeds my soul and inspires my living.

Being there is my joy.

As a coach, there is one rule I must follow at all times. To Love the people when they walk through the doors, and to keep loving them no matter what they do, what they say or how they respond. No matter how hard they fight back or struggle to make sense, to understand, to let go my one job is to love them through it all.

And I love it!

It isn’t easy work to be a trainee going through the program. It is foreign terrain. Unfamiliar territory. Uncommon ground. And, because it is sometimes scary, we baulk, we stall, we hold back. We act defiant, belligerent, scared. We try to run and hide. We try to talk loud, talk back, talk down.

We do a lot of things as trainees that we believe will get us more of what we want in our lives even when in the doing of them, we hurt, we tremble, we feel shame. It is so very human of us, to want to hold onto what doesn’t work if only because, we know it, we’ve worn the shame a long time, we’ve carried the guilt forever or felt the pain always.

And, because the things that hurt us, limit us and keep us small are so familiar, we push back and pull away from the beauty of our truth awakening. We want to believe it’s true, that we are these incredible, miraculous, amazing beings and still we hesitate.

What if everyone else is, and I’m the one who’s not? Who am I when I quit telling myself untruths about what I am capable of or who I am in the world?

It doesn’t really matter what we do to avoid the truth of our magnificence. By Sunday, through the tears and fears and all the things we do to deny our truth, it is Love that holds us up, embraces us and keeps us safe enough to discover — we truly are amazing in every way of our being human. We truly are worthy of Love.

I am off to coach at Choices. I won’t have time to post as I immerse myself in the awe I always feel in that room.

and that’s okay. Because everytime I’m in the room, I learn something new, I discover something else, experience an AHA! moment that sheds light on shadows that lurk in the corners of my mind, waiting to trip me up.

I won’t be posting over the next four days. I will be growing. Learning. Sharing. Loving.

And I’ll see you all again on Monday.


Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe in wonder. I believe we are all magnificent beings of divine beauty. I believe we can make a difference in this world, through every act, word, thought. I believe we create ripples with everything we do and say and want to inspire everyone to use their ripple to create a better world for everyone. I'm grateful you're here.

4 thoughts on “It is Love that holds us up.

  1. Have a wonderful time Louise! I am sure you will be inspired 🙂


  2. Shine on Louise! I’m off to California for a wine weekend with hubby …. filling my bucket in a different way. May yours overflow this weekend 🙂


  3. You truly are amazing and inspiring to take us from this ‘ we want to hold onto what doesn’t work if only because, we know it’ to this
    ‘we truly are amazing in every way of our being human’


  4. Hope you have a bloody wonderful time


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