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Always there is Love.


There were tears. There was laughter. There were fears. There was hope.

And always, there was love.

After 5 days of being in the Choices seminar room, I am full. I am complete. I am peaceful.

My heart is brimming over with the joy of having spent my days immersed in the human journey. My heart is resonating with the Love that embraced us all and carried us across the threshold of fear into that place where it is not the pain of our human condition that connects us but the promise of all that is possible when we let go of the past and step freely into today fearlessly embracing the magic and wonder and miracle of who we are — magnificent human beings of limitless possibility.

I believe that when we are born, our unwritten lives hold the untold promises of our unique possibility.

And then, life happens and the promise of our potential becomes lost in the limits of our reality. We experience life in ways that we cannot imagine and, looking out through the eyes of a child, simply do not make sense. Ill-equipped to handle the sometimes harsh and bitter winds of life, we harden our hearts, build up walls, shut off feeling to cope with what we don’t understand and have no tools to cope with.

It isn’t that life set out to hurt us, it is that we were unprotected for far too long and learned to do anything that worked to keep from feeling the pain of whatever happened to us. In our need to protect ourselves from pain we don’t understand, we end up hurting ourselves with the very limitations and beliefs we adopted to keep ourselves safe.

We tell ourselves, it is best this way. Best to keep our hearts locked up, our feelings stuffed down, our senses shut off, if only because it feels less scary, less frightening, less everything to stay locked within than to risk letting our hearts run wild.

We grow up and fight to hold onto the limitations that we created to keep us from feeling the pain of being lost in a world that doesn’t make sense and end up living in a box so small we are suffocating within its restrictions. We can’t breathe. We can’t move. We can’t feel.

But we don’t dare look at the walls of our box. We don’t dare attempt to break free because, we tell ourselves, it’s not safe. Remember? The last time you tried to break free your heart was broken, your hopes dashed, your dreams ridiculed. Remember? And our minds embrace the idea that keeping ourselves safe means locking our hearts and dreams behind the walls of our self-defenses so that nobody can touch us in a way that will hurt us ever again.

And life goes on and we become accepting of the idea, this is the only way it can be. This is the way I am and I am safer when I play the part I know.

But we wish…

We yearn for…

We want…


From the pain of living life one short breath at a time.

We wish…

We yearn for…

We want…


From the pain of walking on broken glass with every step we take.

We wish…

We yearn for…

We want…


From the pain of believing we are worthless, useless, unwanted, unloveable, un-everything we tell ourselves is true if only because, believing in the lie of our limitations is familiar. It’s safer. No one can hurt us if we don’t let them see into our hearts, we tell ourselves. And we shut down.

I have just spent the past five days seeing into people’s hearts as they opened up to the beauty and magnificence of their truth.

I am in awe.

I am humbled.

I am filled with joy.

Because in their hearts breaking open, my heart is full.

In their dreams awakening, my dreams take flight.

And in their love flowing over, my Love flows freely.

I have just spent the past five days in the Choices seminar room.

And I am grateful.

Lives were changed, dreams awakened and breaking hearts found their own special beat to announce to all the world, I am here. I am alive. I am willing to begin this journey of living my life on the outside of my comfort zone.

I am willing to go for the gusto. I am willing to break free of the past so that today, in this moment right now I can breathe freely and soar higher than I ever imagined. Because, it doesn’t matter whether I take one baby step or one giant leap, it is my journey, my flight into freedom and no matter how I take it, always there is Love.


Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe in wonder. I believe we are all magnificent beings of divine beauty. I believe we can make a difference in this world, through every act, word, thought. I believe we create ripples with everything we do and say and want to inspire everyone to use their ripple to create a better world for everyone. I'm grateful you're here.

14 thoughts on “Always there is Love.

  1. Thank you Louise. This is so beautiful, and so true. I have spent the week-end at Jodi’s retreat, and that is exactly how I feel about it. It’s so wonderful to see people for who they truly are, to see their beautiful soul daring to show up and experience life.
    I’m so tired of “the pain of believing we are worthless, useless, unwanted, unloveable, un-everything” and I feel ready to start a new life. I know it won’t be an easy step, but I will do it.


    • Oh Nikky! YOu just made my heart leap for joy!!!!!! There is such strength and conviction in your words — and such beauty in your soul. fly free my friend. You so deserve that new life! Many many hugs.


  2. Louise, you have once again put the Choices experience into such vivid, tangible and honest terms. Your gifts are pure gold to me.


  3. Hi Louise…I am so happy for you and what you were able to experience…as well as happy for all the people who shared that beautiful time. Love…Love…Love…it all comes down to love. The basis for everything. Carry on and spread that wonderful feeling that you were a part of creating this past week! Blessitude!


  4. Another great post I am also happy for you, you are bloody amazing


  5. You’ve outlined the story of most of our lives so eloquently and humanly. Let compassion reign….let truth remain.


  6. Louise, this is an awesome post. I feel your energy and love for what you do.
    Helping others break free with love is your amazing gift.
    They are so lucky to have you help them on their journey.
    Val x


  7. This is an inspiring post. Two things stand out to me. The first is the feeling of safety in the box that we build ourselves (with walls that them become impenetrable). The second is that we can break out to freedom by either “one baby step or one giant leap” but we can break free.


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