Whistle while you work…

This is my holiday day style blog…. Three things and a question for this holiday Monday in Canada.

The question first — why do we celebrate Queen Victoria Day in Canada?

Queen Victoria was known as the Queen of Confederation — though her birthday was celebrated in Canada long before Confederation. According to that source of all things needed to know to be in the know, Wikipedia, Victoria Day is celebrated on the last Monday of the month before May 25th to commemorate the current reigning monarch’s birthday and… unofficially, the first day of summer in Canada. (I’m still kinda waiting for spring!)

Or, as my beloved’s brother-in-law Steve Nease shared… (Steve is a syndicated political cartoonist – his website is here)

Cartoon by Steve Nease http://neasecartoons.com/

Cartoon by Steve Nease


The second thing…

Two weeks ago, I was the keynote speaker at a Women’s Conference in Claresholm, a small city an hour and a half drive south of Calgary. Last week, a friend sent me the article from the Claresholm newspaper. I made the front page!  🙂  You can read it by clicking here  (page 1) and here (page 2)  I have to spend some techy time figuring out how to get the link for page 2 into the first page!

And the third thing…

Well, it is a long weekend, and today is officially my day to get into the garden and beautify it for the summer. But, it’s not very nice or warm out and I have a project to complete and I know that many of my readers are not here in Canada, so…. whatever you are doing today, I’m sharing a song to help you enjoy your day!

Have a good one. I’ll be back to regular programming tomorrow! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Whistle while you work…

    • it was Diana — I almost turned back until I realized — going forward or going back… I still had to drive through the roads. And then, within five minutes of going forward, the roads pretty well cleared up!


  1. You added a happy peppy song to my afternoon…..just when my energy was fading. Thank you Louise. Our US holiday weekend is next weekend. Memorial Day. Three day weekend….oh yeh!


  2. Wow that conference sounds like it was amazing! Beautifully done Louise. And such a sweet song! (plus I had to chuckle that also in town that weekend – apparently – some rowdies from Lethbridge wreaking havoc in little ol’ Claresholm but the good ol’ RCMP got them!) May your garden grow beautifully and the days remain sunny! xo Gina


  3. I am inspired by your story in the article (as i have been by your blog) and your nine key points. The big message that I picked up today was the love of your sister for you that shone through those dark days. My sister too has been my rock for me through some dark days and in some ways my living through the darkness and her giving me support has made us so much closer than we previously were.

    thanks for the video clip. i could use some of those squirrels and chipmunks 🙂


    • Yes Elizabeth — my sister’s love held me up even when I wanted to fall down.

      You are blessed to have a sister like yours too!

      and tee hee – my house could use the squirrels and chipmunks too! 🙂


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