I see you. You are beautiful just the way you are.

When I walk into the Choices seminar room on the Wednesday morning, I know that miraculous happenings are afoot. That wonder and awe are in the wings, waiting breathlessly for the trainees to arrive and step into their embrace.

And I know Love is always present. And in its presence, there is nothing that has happened that cannot be healed. There is nothing that we’ve done, that cannot be forgiven. There is nothing that is not possible.

I see it every seminar. Trainees walk in feeling worthless, lost, unforgiven or unforgiving. They avoid. Hide. Run away. Argue. Fight for their limitations. Put up walls. Dive deep into silence.

They carry their wounds, their backpacks filled with regrets, their hearts full of woe. They wrap themselves in the belief they are alone, that no one understands them, that no one loves them. They push down their tears, their broken hearts, their anger and fear and stand defiant. No way will anyone break through their shield.

And still, Love finds them where they’re at, exactly the way they are.

Love always loves.

Being in the Choices seminar room is always a testament to the strength of the human spirit and our desire to LIVE.

We hurt one another. We call each other names. We abuse, bully, push and prod and poke and preen. We talk back. We shut up. We force our opinions on each other. We bend under the opinions of others. We know the pain of abuse, divorce, death and the things we cannot speak of that have happened in our lives.

And still, we live. We breathe through every moment, fighting for solace, for relief, for a moment to catch our breath. And even when we don’t find them, we keep breathing, keep taking another step and another until we think we cannot take one more step, one more breath. And we do. Keep stepping. Keep breathing.

Our shoulders slump over. Our hearts harden. And still we keep stepping and breathing.

For some of us, we go our entire lives without ever learning that the past does not keep us safe. It is not a weight to drag around just in case we need it. We believe our death will be the only thing that will bring us relief, and still we keep stepping and breathing.

I used to think it was because people had given up on themselves, on others, on living free. In their resignation, not knowing what else to do, they just kept on doing what they’ve always done. Stepping and breathing.

After years of being in the Choices seminar room, of witnessing miracles transform broken hearts and wings unfold, I realize it’s not all about ‘stepping and breathing’. That their journey isn’t all about hanging on until death comes knocking.

I believe, deep within, no matter how grim or dark our lives may feel, each of us has a deep deep knowing of the sacredness of our being human. It is a sacred space within that we secretly tell ourselves we must protect if we are to survive. So we build up walls of anger, fear, regret, sorrow, despair and push back against the world in fear the sacred essence of our being human will be violated if we do nothing.

Truth is, there is no power on earth than can violate the sacred essence of our being human.

There is no force strong enough, or evil enough, that can desecrate our soul.

We do not have to do anything to protect it. Preserve it or prevent it from being harmed.

The soul cannot be harmed. It cannot be broken. It cannot be corrupted.

It is the essence of our magnificence and it is indestructible.

Yet, because life happens, because we learn to fear ourselves and one another, to hurt ourselves and one another, to protect ourselves with words and acts of destruction,  we forget who we truly are when we are born. In our desperate quest to remember what it was we knew at that moment of our first breath, we spend our lives fearing we never will, and fall under the spell of believing, we are not worthy, wanted, needed, seen, understood, acceptable, forgivable, loveable.

Truth is, we are magnificent. We are each and every one of us miracles of life. Unique. Shining and brilliant.

It’s just life and living has gotten in the way of our remembering who we truly are in the sacred space of our spirit shining brightly for all the world to see.

I watched miracles unfold last week. I stood in the light of many souls shining brightly as Love entered and said, “I see you. You are beautiful just the way you are.”





25 thoughts on “I see you. You are beautiful just the way you are.

  1. welcome back ..

    I realize, when you’ve been off-air for a while, how much I appreciate your daily missive showing up on my screen



    P.S.: I think it is my turn to buy lunch .. so let me know when you have some time …


  2. You beautiful lady are love! Your spirit and essence are love and love shines through you! You bless lives in so many ways, being in your presence, through your blogs, with your words! Loved your post!
    Love, light and big hugs to you!


  3. Words well spoken Louise. You, my dear,are an Amazingly gifted soul. Thank you for shaing your thoughts, feelings & message. I feel so HApPY & Blessed to know You.


  4. I have fallen in love with myself and with life again!

    I was in that room with Louise this week, and thanks to Choices and the remarkable team of coaches and teachers, my “zest for life” has returned, and my light is shining brightly again! I have studied, read, and heard, “knew”, a lot of the content presented before, but the processes revealed so much more.

    I knew from a guarded place, from an intellectual place, and from a self-limited place. Now I know from a SOUL place, NICE!

    Choices has helped me to break down the walls of self judgment and to see my soul, light and unique gifts again. It helped me to shift from my head to my heart and to let my love for myself sink into my soul once again.

    Funny how we forget our own brilliance,even when others around you can see it so clearly.

    I can not express my gratitude with words, how about a hug soon Louise!


    • What a wonderful message Judy — and I am so grateful you are in love with yourself and life again! Woo Hoo! The world needs more Judy!

      Looking forward to continuing the adventure with you. Love and hugs my friend.


  5. You are so understanding Louise! We all have an innate power to heal our soul, to spread those clipped wings, to fly in the most dreaded direction and then derive determination from that flight. What we need is just a reassurance that we have that ability, that power which lies hidden, waiting to be tapped. I am so glad we have persons like you who provide that much needed solace.


      • Hi Louise. Pleasure is mine. Thanks for a lovely comment about my commitment. Yes, I took this up as a challenge and a passion and I am proud to say I have not been disappointed. I love your blog, reading todays post really inspired me. Best wishes for your lovely task of helping and inspiring people to have a better view of themselves and to live as proud human beings. Take care and God bless.


  6. “You are beautiful just the way you are.” I often tell my precocious grandson this same thing…he is only six but already has a host of emotional problems to deal with. The power of this phrase cannot be underestimated. He told his counselor this week that his “Noni” was the only one who he feels understands him, loves him, and doesn’t scare him. Funny how I can be so confident sharing this phrase with my precious little guy……but often forget to believe it of myself. Today, your words mean something very special to me.


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