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9 things I’ve learned through blogging everyday


Eight years ago when I started writing over at my first blog, Recover your Joy, I had no idea how powerful a force morning blogging would become in my life.

Since writing my first post, Scooping Up The Shadows on March 10, 2007, much has changed, much has evolved, shifted, opened up, expanded within me and all around me.

It was Mark Kolke at Musings,  who encouraged me to write a post a day. Mark has written a daily blog for even more years than me and suggested I might enjoy the process of sitting down at the page every morning and writing it out. I thought I’d last a few months. I was wrong — which is another thing I’ve learned, don’t believe everything you think. Just because I tell myself I can’t, doesn’t mean it’s true.

In the intervening years since hitting PUBLISH on that first post, I’ve learned a great deal and grown in ways I never could have imagined.

  1. I have learned that I am my thoughts. If I want my writing to focus on what inspires, touches, moves me, I must align my thinking with what inspires, touches, moves me.
  2. I have learned to always write from my deepest beliefs.  I believe, We are all miracles of life. Life is miraculous. We are all on this earth to live as our highest expression of love. We are here to be the sacred nature of our soul’s desire to express itself through our beauty, truth, holiness and divinity. We are the divine expression of amazing grace.
  3. I have learned that my thinking can keep me playing small, or open me up to magnificence. No one can change my thinking except me and the fastest way to get clear on what I’m thinking and where my thinking might be limiting me, is to write it out.
  4. I have learned to trust in the Universe. Life is filled with limitless possibilities and I am powerful beyond my wildest imaginings when I trust in the Universe. The Universe is not against me. The Universe just is. Always there, encouraging me to trust in the evolutionary impulse  to evolve and grow and expand and become. To be all that I am when I let go of fearing the Universe is not with me. The Universe is with me. For me. Of me. It is in the best interests of humanity that I shine, that you shine, that we all be our greatest expression of Love in the world.
  5. I have learned to always choose Love over fear. Love is the answer. Love always wins. Love is the way. The path. The all of my being present in this moment right now joyfully embracing the rapture of now.
  6. I have learned that  being courageous, curious and compassionate is the antidote to living in fear.  Fear will always want to steal my peace of mind. I have the choice to not let it.
  7. I have learned that people are amazing. People make the world a better place.
  8. I have learned to celebrate the moment. Celebrate the small things and the big things. To live in gratitude and to celebrate the light and the darkness, the silence and the roar, the soft and the hard, the stillness and the craziness swirling all around.
  9. And, I have learned I am not alone. That no matter what I am feeling or experiencing, when I express myself from my heart, others reach back and touch me, inside and out, with their willingness to connect, to share, to be part of my journey and make me part of theirs.

All of this and more I have learned from writing a blog every morning (almost) for the past 8 years. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe in wonder. I believe we are all magnificent beings of divine beauty. I believe we can make a difference in this world, through every act, word, thought. I believe we create ripples with everything we do and say and want to inspire everyone to use their ripple to create a better world for everyone. I'm grateful you're here.

31 thoughts on “9 things I’ve learned through blogging everyday

  1. Geeze Louise, 8 years … already!

    I`m a few days away from the end of my 12th year of writing every day, publishing every day, walking every day – and though I don`t walk long enough or uphill enough to get fit enough – still having something to say every day means something.

    Means something to me, and means something to my audience – currently just under 8,000 who get my email every morning. And it isn`t about the feedback (but we do love it!) that we do this. It isn`t because someone writes to tell us we`ve impacted their life, helped them solve a problem or cure a rift with someone because WE talked about some issue ..

    It is because WE find ourselves. We PAINT ourselves, give ourselves outline and depth, texture and feeling, perspective and meaning – every day, right here, on a page …

    As my `start of 13th year`approaches, I`ve not grown weary – in fact, I`m more energized than ever (OK, daily Cialis might be partly responsible!), but it isn`t some drug induced high or mental erection that I mean. We ARE thinking feeling vital brains. We owe it to ourselves and anyone who will listen – to exhibit that talent.

    One day, long ago, over a lunch you grabbed me and said `you are a writer`, a description I was reluctant to give myself. You got my attention. Riveted attention. I`ve not lost it, thanks to you that day.

    YOU are a writer. Sure, you are a painter, sculptor, philosopher, activist … you are many things.

    But first, and MOST, you are a writer.


    Write more.

    Write every day.

    Some of us would say, `you never call`, but we can never say `you never write`.

    Write on!

    Cheers + congrats on making your milestone,


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  2. And I have learned that I live reading your words 🙂 Have a super beautiful day, Louise!! ❤

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  3. Wow!! That’s a milestone. My serious blogging age is three months. You all are an inspiration to this toddler babbling and hopping around waywardly.

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    • Thanks Alka — lovely to meet you. three months is a great start! I have met some of the most wonderful and amazing people blogging. I hope it is as enriching for you.

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      • Thanks Louise, lovely to meet you too. I registered last year but became active only recently and ever since then I’ve come across such wonderful people that my initial hesitation has now turned into addiction. It has of course been very enriching, both reading as well as the writing part. I would gain even more if some experienced bloggers/writers like you can have a look at my writings and suggest how to improve. Regards.


  4. That’s fantastic, 8 years, wow. I’m glad I found your corner of the web because I enjoy your words. So thanks for writing.

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  5. Louise all of these are precious and it takes us a long while to gather such wonderful learnings. I can see why I enjoy your posts because we thing very much alike. Thank you really enjoyed this one.

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  6. I think we all usually continue to learn things as we go through life although there are some people who never seem to learn

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  7. Wonderful post and your positive energy is contagious Louise. For me, blogging has become less regular and certainly not in the mornings so I am now thinking your idea of daily morning blogging might be a great way of starting the day – not sure. I love your smile btw and, whenever I think of you, I smile. Thank you for being such a gift. xx

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    • LOL — I have always been a morning person Julie. And, if I awaken in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, I know that coming and writing my blog will clear my mind and pave the way to sleep once again.

      Thank you my friend for being you, for sharing your journey as you do and for inspiring me to take the compassionate route always. Hugs

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  8. And you paid it forward and encouraged me to blog – 3 years this month! Thank you Louise, I’m having a blast and learning so much about my favourite subject: community. ❤
    Diana xo

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  9. Eight years is VERY impressive. Your list is amazing. I’m so glad you’re here.

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  10. I am one of your greatest fans! I am so happy that you still write every day.

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  11. Wow! A huge Congratulations to you! What an accomplishment, and what a beautiful journey. I am so glad that I jumped on board to follow your blog along the way. Here’s to 8 more years of inspiring, beautiful, from-the-heart posts! xoxo

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  12. Louise, congrats on your milestone, your beautiful list and for being such a shining beacon of hope, kindness, love and understanding ~ your connections are powerful as are you! So blessed and grateful that we are connected. ♥

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  13. Wow Louise, that has been a wonderful journey. Many congratulations and wishing you many more years of spreading that glow, which has been pervading all around us to show us the path of knowing our thoughts so well! I have learnt a lot here and yes, people are wonderful in this blogosphere.

    Thanks for being an awesome friend, thanks for writing from your heart…your words resonate with me. Hugs.


  14. You Rock Coach!!!!!!!!!


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