We are Sheepadoodles

We are The Sheepadoodles
We are The Sheepadoodles

The Sheepadoodle families got together yesterday for a play date. Six puppies, many owners and friends. Five of the puppies were from the same litter. One was from a litter born a week later. The mother, rather than being black and white was predominately black. The puppy, predominately black but with the cutest white nose ever.

It was hilarious.

We parents standing in a circle, chatting about our puppies while the puppies rolled about on the ground, chasing one another and acting like crazy fools as they leapt over fallen bodies, dove onto each other and wrestled.

When Beaumont and I arrived, four of the puppies were already in action. He tugged and pulled at his leash as we walked from the parking lot across the field towards them. I let him off his leash and he was gone. Like a bullet, heading into the lump of puppies sniffing and rolling about.

For the next hour he was deaf and blind to my presence. There was no calling him, though occasionally I did manage to grab hold of his harness, make him sit and take a breather.

There’s a lot to be learned from a tangle of puppies playing together.

At first, the puppies played in the grass at our feet. As they gained confidence, or perhaps gained independence and a sense of, ‘forget about obedience, I’m here to play, play, play,’ they moved away from us, running through the stand of trees to one side, running off through the long grasses on the other.

At first they played as a pack but then easily and naturally divided into twosomes, sometimes merging into threesomes and occasionally joining up as the pack for brief periods of time. It’s as if they intuitively knew, the pack was too much energy to handle all at once and kept dividing off.

We owners stood about and chatted like parents of two year olds at a birthday party.

How is your guy doing with training?

How’s her appetite?

Is she completely house trained?

What dog food are you feeding him?

Who’s your vet?

We stood and chatted and the puppies played and we laughed and laughed and laughed at their antics.

The puppies were mostly oblivious to us.

Deaf and dumb to our entreaties to slow down, come here, stop, sit, stay.

We can learn a lot from a pack of puppies playing.

Like, sometimes, its okay to be on top, but you gotta give everyone a chance.

When someone is feeling alone and outcast, don’t hesitate, go over and nip them on the ear to let them know you want them involved in the game. They’ll always listen.

Don’t be shy about joining in. There’s enough play for everyone.

And, share.

If there’s a water dish full of water and you’re all thirsty, who cares if every head is in the bowl? Sharing is all part of the fun.

Life is about sharing in the tough times and the good. Yesterday, we shared in the joy of six puppies playing and the camaraderie that comes from the shared experience of their presence in our lives.

And always begin your day with laughter. Everything will look sunny and bright if you begin with laughter!

What a blast!


16 thoughts on “We are Sheepadoodles”

  1. Too cute! My family is thinking about getting a sheepadoodle. We love everything we’ve read. Would love to hear more from real owners… what’s their energy level like? High? Medium? (Are they okay being alone for a few hours during the day?)


    1. Hi Lisa, BEaumont is a fabulous puppy. He is easy to train, very smart and as long as he gets a good run every day, he’s great in the house. We don’t have children at home any longer which for him is probably a disappointment — he is great with kids and loves them. We do have a cat and he and Marley have become good buds — Marley tolerates him and Beaumont is convinced they will eventually be playmates. We leave him along during the day — my husband comes home during the day to let him out but I know a couple of the others leave their pups 8 hours a day. I think they are the perfect dog! 🙂


  2. I happened to stumble upon this blog which researching Sheepadoodles, and was surprised to notice you are from Calgary! I’ve been researching Sheepadoodles, and am having troubles locating many Sheepadoodle breeders near the Calgary area. I’ve been talking to one breeder from the Edmonton area, but she seems to be the only one outside of the States and Ontario. May I ask where you got Beaumont from? Thank you very much! Also – he is an adorable dog with a fantastic sounding personality 🙂


    1. Hi Colleen, if you are talking to Liz from near Leduc (the closest town is Beaumont :)) that is where Beaumont is from. She was very helpful — I too had looked all over and she was the only breeder I found in Alberta. She was great to work with and Beau has five siblings here in Calgary!


      1. Thanks for the fast reply!! I have been talking to Liz – she is excellent, fast at responding to emails and so informative! I was more just looking to see if there is other breeders as I imagine Liz has quite the waitlist. But if she is the only one, and seems quite great, then I don’t mind a wait 🙂 Have a great fall, and I’ll keep my eye out for Beaumont at the dog parks!


  3. Hi Louise, we’re from Sherwood Park and I have been speaking to Liz about possibly being able to welcome a Sheepadoodle into our family, and I’m wondering if I can reach out to you for some help. Unfortunately my husband, Marc has extreme animal allergies to the point where exposure to a black lab will make his eyes swell shut and has been hospitalized coughing up blood after a major cat encounter. 😦 We have tried for years to find a “hyper-allergenic” dog that he does not react to and I recently became aware of the Sheepadoodle breed. Liz has kindly offered to allow Marc exposure to a Sheepadoodle puppy, however we have found in the past that he might not experience allergies with certain puppy breeds but once the dog matures he has reactions.
    I would like to ask if you would be agreeable to meet with us and expose my husband to your beautiful dogs dander/hair/saliva. With all the research I’ve done and the types of coats my husband has already shown to be less reactive to (non-shedding hair) I am so very hopeful the Sheepadoodle might finally be the answer to allowing our family to welcome a dog into the mix. 🙂


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