Full Moons Rising and all that Jazz

Harmlessness is not negativity or inaction; it is a condition of perfect poise, a completed point of view and divine understanding.
Dr. Joshua David Stone

It is the time of the Blood Moon (did you see the red colour of the moon – that’s because earth cast a shadow on the moon). Of the full moon, super moon, also called harvest moon (when the moon is closest to the earth and appears larger because of its position on the horizon) and lunar eclipse aligning to open gateways to possibility for all humankind to find another way of being present here on earth. Source

The four moon’s state of being (the first time since 1967) calls forth the need to cultivate ‘harmlessness’. To not act out thoughtlessly and unaware of our impact, but instead to act with intentionality, to be conscious of both the yin and yang of everything we do and to know, we are the change we want to create in the world.

“Ugh!” my critter mind wails. “Can’t we just revert back to being unconscious? Unaware? Unawoken?”

Just as a river cannot flow backwards, the mind cannot unknow what it has learned.

Dang. I just wanted to moon gaze without having it be all esoteric and heady.

Moon gaze away! says my mind of knowing. Just keep your eyes open, and your heart too.

This moon calls for us to open our hearts completely. To let go of fear and apprehension that we will never be perfect enough and surrender to the human imperfection of being all we can be when we release our need to be perfect. Which is why when I read the title of one of Joshua Stone’s books, “The Soul’s Perspective on How to Achieve Perfect Radiant Health: A Compilation”, I had to laugh.

Striving for perfection is a fool’s game. Perfection doesn’t exist.

Ahh that critter mind. He just loves to play with my thinking I know it all.

And deep within, a voice whispers, “Breathe. To cultivate harmlessness you must let go of criticism.”

A friend and I were talking yesterday about Canada’s upcoming election. She has chosen not to engage in the criticism of our current Prime Minister, no matter what.

I laughed. “Well, that’s challenging. There’s so much of it going around!”

But I don’t have to engage in it, my friend replied. I don’t have to take part in adding mockery and criticism to any conversation.

And my heart feels heavy.

I have contributed through criticism. I have been part of adding to the mockery, not just of our current Prime Minister, but in many ways.

Back to the drawing board. Time to release self-criticism and judgement and flow into intentional harmlessness, with myself and all the world around me.

It is Monday. The business week begins and I find myself feeling on edge, in turmoil, without calm within me.

Good, says my knowing mind. Stay with the unease. Dig into the unsettledness within and allow yourself to feel it, be it, know it. This is a time of allowing the universe’s energy to guide you. Don’t struggle to be in charge of your life, allow life, all of life, to be in charge of you.

Fine. Whatever.

But dang it. I really did just want to dance beneath the light of the full moon rising and gaze into my lover’s eyes and toss moonbeams on the waves of passion emanating between us! Now that would have been fun.


13 thoughts on “Full Moons Rising and all that Jazz”

  1. The clouds were too thick in my part of the world to see it. But I am ever so grateful for technology because I sure have been enjoying all the photographs people are sharing around the world of the Blood Moon. I love moon gazing! Sometimes, I still manage to do it mindlessly and that may, or may not be a good thing!! 😉

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  2. I love your friend’s decision! I know politics is a tough arena and I’m struggling here as I live in a state ruled by “the opposing party” and right now every commercial break is full of their vitriol–although I have to laugh because their diatribes against their opponents for me are great ads in favor of voting for the ones they want me to hate… But I remind myself every time I swear at the TV and scream “shut up” that adding anger and hatred, well… just adds anger and hatred… And belittling just adds to an atmosphere of disrespect. I’m with you in a way, though, I’d just like the magic of the moon. And I think magic helps heal the hatred.


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