Always, there is Love.


It is easy sometimes to not see everything in our life as a manifestation of life being a blessing.

It is easy to see our troubles as life being filled with trouble. Our sorrow’s as life being sorrowful.

When we focus on the clouds, we forget that. behind every grey cloud, the sun still shines, the sky is still blue.

I counted my blessings this weekend. I walked with Beaumont at the park. The skies were clear, the temperature warm and I felt the blessings of life surround me and fill me up with every breath.

I walked alone with the pup and with many blessings in my life too. C.C. A  girlfriend I haven’t seen in a long while, People and their dogs Beaumont and I have met on our walks.

I spent time with friends on the weekend too. On Saturday I met a girlfriend for lunch and she told me about the life blossoming within her body.

“The greatest gift in my life has been my daughters,” I told her. “I can’t think of anything in my life that has changed me and deepened my understanding of life and its precious gifts and the power and wonder of our humanity, more than becoming a mother.”

Becoming a mother gave me the gift of seeing life as a blessing.

In becoming a mother, I chose to awaken. To dig deep within me to find the core of who I am in the world so that my daughters could grow freely knowing who they are in the world is precious, unique. A gift.

And I am thankful.

Sometimes, the journey has been filled with grey clouds rumbling above as I cowered beneath my fears. Sometimes gentle rains have fallen and sometimes torrential downpours have pummelled my body as I closed my eyes in fear of the darkness all around me.

And always, the sun shone behind the clouds. The blue sky beckoned above me with its infinite possibilities. And all I needed to do to see it was to lift my head and open my eyes.

I lifted my head and opened my eyes to the blue sky above this weekend. I held my face towards the sun and felt its warmth beating upon my skin. And I felt joy. And awe and wonder flow all around me and within me. And in their presence, I felt Love invade my body and fill me up. Completely.

Like the sun shining behind grey clouds, like the blue sky beckoning above, I knew. Always there is Love.

It is love that keeps use safe. Love that holds us in its embrace even when we fall into troubled waters and feel like we are drowning beneath our sorrows. There in the turbulent waters, there in the tears streaming down our face, there in the sorrows bending our backs, there is Love.

In love, life is a blessing. Always.

And when I live from a place where all of life is a blessing, when I embrace even those things I see as trials and tribulations as blessings, life is full of wonder and awe. It may not always be easy, but it is always life in all its magnificence. In all its glory. In all its Love.

11 thoughts on “Always, there is Love.”

  1. Louise your uplifting post is a blessing. As a young woman I had this gift of being thankful for the sun, the moon and stars. Life throws stuff at you and you either duck, run for cover or hold your head high and push through the muck. When you get to the other side you do see the rainbow again and appreciate this life with all its challenges and complexities. We are all here learning different lessons. Mine is patience at the moment. Thank you for making me smile today.


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